I am aware that the large number of reavers will probably be ill advised but I wanted highly mobile army that could envelop the enemy. I also wanted to have a more or less “faceless” army. For this reason I avoided bulked up special units which would draw a lot of attention and, through their placement, indicate what I was planning.

3000 pts
Lords: 748
1 lord of Griffon with lance, shield, dragon armor, helm of fortune and sacred incense
1 level four mage (high magic) with Folariath’s robe and dispel scroll
Heros: 231
1 noble on Tiranoc chariot with great weapon, shield, dragon armor, reaver bow and luckstone
Core: 1046 pts
10 sea guards + shields + FC
24 sea guards + shields + FC
24 sea guards + shields + FC
16 archers + armor + FC
Special: 873 pts
5 reavers + bows + spears + harbinger
5 reavers + bows + spears + harbinger
5 reavers + bows + spears + harbinger
8 silver helms + shields + FC
10 sword masters + FC with armor of Caledor for bladelord
6 shadow warriors + shadow walker
Rare: 100
1 bolt thrower
Total: 2998 pts

The 10 seaguard will be used either to guard the bolt thrower or one of the flanks. The bladelord has the armor of Caledor since that makes it so he could be a match against a hero at a bargain price. With Folariath’s robe I am hoping that I won’t have to worry too much about guarding my mage. The stats for the griffon relative to its price have me worried but I really like the island of blood model so I may take the course of checking with my opponents if it is okay if I play him as a sun dragon. All I would need to do to make room for the extra cost is drop the sacred incense which I mainly went with to compensate for the weakness of the griffon anyways.