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    2000 point Tournament High Elves

    Hey all, I've got a tournament coming up in the next little while and designed the following list. The only comps are: no Power Scroll and no Book of Hoeth *sniff*

    Archmage, Level 4, Staff of Solidity, Folariath's Robe

    Noble, Battle Standard, Banner of the World Dragon, Light Armour, Great Weapon

    25 Spearmen, Full Command (5 x 5)

    25 Spearmen, Full Command (5 x 5)

    30 White Lions, Full Command, Amulet of Light, Banner of Eternal Flame (Horde )

    20 Phoenix Guard, Full Command, Gem of Courage, Banner of Sorcery (5 x 5)

    Bolt Thrower

    Lords: 325
    Heroes: 180
    Core: 500
    Special: 895
    Rare: 100

    Total: 2000

    Yes I know i haven't taken Teclis, Caradryan etc, the tournament organizers asked us not to write "win at any cost" lists. So i decided to just go with my pretty standard list and just have fun and see how i can do against evil lists with mine.

    Ideas are the the Archmage takes the Lore of Shadow and goes in the PG, both for his own survivability and to negate as much as possible and damage caused by miscasts. The BSB will go in the White Lions, making my hardest hitting unit utterly immune to the nastiest spells in the game.

    VERY basic game plan is the PG and WL set up next to each other, for maximum LD9 re-rolling goodness with the Spearmen going either side or all on one flank as situation dictates.

    If anyone has any suggestions as to army build or tactics i would love to hear them.

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    IMHO, Caradryan and the other heroes don't make a win at any cost army list. And Teclis for 475 definitely doesn't make your army a sure fire winner!
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    I'd rather see the BSB have something to keep him alive than a magic banner. For instance, armor of caledor and guardian phoenix and that gives you a few points to put elsewhere. Also, you could split up the 30 WL's and make 2 groups of 15 giving you more of a presence on the battlefield. A horde isn't a great idea with HE due to our high unit cost IMHO. If you're up against say... Lizzies and encounter a few salamanders, you could have your core unit wiped out with ease.

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    I think that a WL horde will carve up, assuming they are allowed to get to combat, which they should be given that they are immune to magic and have a 3+ save vs shooting.

    Expect your BSB to die in round 1 of combat though, I would give him Dragon armour and shield at least, flag killing stuff but just be semi survivable. You are normally going to have the front rank hitting you back and they should be able to get 3 attacks on him, T3 with 6+ save and no magical assistance should be a dead BSB in round 1, against all but the most charitable opponents. Can give the WL Champ 25pts of stuff to take challenges with reasonably easily.

    Aside from that your list looks very solid but possibly too stagnant, 4 large combat blocks is slight overkill. What about changing one of the spearmen blocks to 2 units of archers. They just give you a bit more flexibility and can pressure Warmachines, other shooting, flankers early on. If a unit of 10 gets on your flanks you don't have alot of ranks so only your WLs will be stubborn and that could result in a catastrophic loss of PG or spears. (Imagine what a large unit of SM or ASF Black guard could do to you without anything to whittle them down)

    On a side note have you considered a horde of Phoenix guard with the Armour Piercing Banner. More survivable than WLs so don't need the banners protection and S4, -2 to save is still quite effective, means you can take the BSB above (Armour of Caledor and Guardian Phoenix), S6, -4 to save to open up any knights that hit you. The unit isn't stubborn but it isn't going to break. I would like to see some unit(s) to get kills (support) for your spearmen, right now they just seem like the weakest link and a bit of an afterthought. If nothing else then make them seaguard and give them the Banner of eternal flame, then fire can benefit 2 phases not just 1. Another thought is to chuck in the 25pt bound item in the common items section of the rulebook on a unit champ. It gives a flaming attack in the magic phase, which will remove regen for that phase as well if necessary it will cost you 2 dice in that magic phase though. Armies with regen (alot thanks to lore of life, hydras etc) have to stop that spell as well as the real damage from AM.

    Shadow is best lore for our mages I think, although I have found that it works in tandem with solid shooting amazingly with the -d3 toughness spell making our lame longbows awesome.

    Good luck I am going to write a list for a similar tournament, (no Book of Hoeth, no powerscroll, no special characters tonight and post it, let me know what you think).
    Cheers Allonairre

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