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    1500 Infantry Army

    Hi! I was hoping to get some advice on this list. Normally I would run an archmage with life, but I figured this low, I might benefit from more units. The idea is to kill the shooting phases and magic phases of my opps, and charge them using elf speed and hard hitting elites.

    Here goes:
    Mage level 1, annulian crystal, high magic, goes in SM
    Noble, BSB, GW, DA, Temakador's Gauntlets, goes in WL
    LSG 27 (10x3 and 5x6 when defending)
    -Musician and Eternal Flame
    White Lions 14 (5x3)
    -Musician and Standard
    Sword Masters 13 (7x2)
    -Bladelord with talisman of loec, Banner of Arcane Prot., Musician
    Dragon Princes 6
    Great Eagle

    Total 1498

    Thoughts? Normally I go Guardian Phoenix and Caledor on Noble, but I figured since he is there taking challenges and since my points are lining up nicely, I can jiggle with the gloves...

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    399 (x8)

    I feel that Chariots support an infantry army better than Dragon Princes but that is just personal preference.

    Aside from that I have fielded very similar lists myself at this points, I generally get 15 WL, Full command and 12 SM putting the noble in the Seaguard and taking the Banner of +1 leadership in the WLs.

    The formations for your Seaguard aren't really worth changing round for shooting, 5x5 + 3, (with a character in front) is 20 shots, 2x10 + 8 (with a character in front) is 23 shots. So for 3 extra shots you risk being charged in the wrong formation, have to reform so risk not shooting at all for a turn (if swift reform fails) and are probably always moving so at -1 to shoot.

    The noble is a bit more vulnerable but 20pts is an extra guy so might be worth it.
    Cheers Allonairre

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    Yea knock in 2 Tiranocs for the DP's in this list. I know the DP's look better. But i whould have to agrea that you whould benefit more from 2 charriots and there impact hits as flank support than the 6 DP's. The eternal flame in your LSG is there to knock down hydras with the RBT i guess?
    Solid list indeed, i like the magic and shooting resistance in it. Let us know how it goes when u play with it!

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