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    2000pts tournament list need some advice

    prince 150
    -griffon 200
    -blade of leaping gold 60
    -potion of strenght 20
    -opal amulet 15

    noble 85
    -bsb 25
    -armour of caledor 25
    -ruby ring of ruin 25
    -great weapon 8

    mage 100
    -level 2 35
    -silver wand 10
    -guardian phoenix 25

    32 spearmen 288
    -full command 25
    -banner of discipline 15

    16 archers 176
    -musician 5

    14 sword masters 210
    -amulet of light 15
    -full command 30

    14 white lions 210
    -full command 30
    -gem of courage 10

    2 eagle claws 200

    here's my plan for games:

    the prince will get into combat as soon as possible. with 7 attacks str4(7 for 1 turn)
    he will carve his way through even from a hydra.
    the bsb is going be in spearmen, and the mage is going to the archers.

    spearmen are the centre of my army, archers on a hill, and on the flanks will be my elite combat monsters. and the eagle claws on hills.

    i was going to take shadows or heavens to the wizard.

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    Too much information, totals only please or you breach copyright and the site can get in trouble.

    Ironically this is a much friendlier list than the one you first posted.

    I had never thought of taking that build for a Prince but it is probably quite good one, although I don't know what the Opal Amulet does and he has no armour at all. He needs Dragon Armour and shield or enchanted shield at least.

    Personally I think I would drop the Guardian phoenix on the mage and take the Ring of Fury or Ring of Corin, I would give the Guardian Phoenix to the BSB and the Ruby Ring to a unit champion. Put mage and BSB in different units and use shadow magic to switch them out when you charge.

    I would shuffle the units a bit still, and take 12 SM and 15 WL, I firmly believe that characters should not be essential to make a unit rank they way you intend them too. You place characters last and if they have to join a certain unit then you hamstring your ability to adapt your line they are normally very powerful pieces and get placed last basically anywhere.

    Other than that it seems solid in spite of the griffon (huge points sink for minimal reward), be very careful with the griffon, he can devastate on that S7 charge turn if in a rear or flank, but cannot afford to try and go solo against combat blocks more than 2 ranks deep, or he will have to fight them for 2 turns and they can reform to face him and get lots of attacks against his relatively squishiness. I would use him to disrupt enemy shooting and warmachines because he should carve through them with ease.

    I don't know all the lores that well, but I would want something to keep the Prince alive (Ward saves or Life) or shadow to make your shooting more effective and keep the mage out of trouble later in the game.

    GL hope it helps
    Cheers Allonairre

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    i wont use a griffon, it isnt worth its points against the sun dragon.
    the sun dragon got + 1 T, + 1 W,scaly skin and breath.
    well i wouldnt use the griffon (unless you dont use that from island of blood just because of that it look SO awesome) but it is not worth its points
    an army that seeks to fight without the protection of the eagle claws is clearly courageous or inept. either way, í wish no part in it - Eolaran Greyhawk, Seamaster.

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