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    2000 pts vs Undead

    I'm a bit out of touch with the game since the new rules came out (used to play this in the early 90's), and I tend to play friendlies with a mate of mine who uses mostly undead. I've tried to come up with a balanced list to fight him, rather than go for things strictly vs his army but I'm going to have to change tactics, as I keep getting hammered.

    Here's roughly what I put against him last time:

    Tyrion 400 pts
    (With silver helms)

    L2 mage on barded steed, 151 pts

    20 Spears, full command, Lion standard, 230 pts

    20 Spears, full command, 205 pts

    14 Seaguard plus shields, full command, 207 pts


    8 Silver helms, Full command, 224 pts

    20 Phoenix Guard, Full command, 330 pts

    2 Bolt throwers, 200 pts

    1 Great Eagle, 50 pts

    Which comes to 1997 pts.

    Pretty basic, and my opponent tends to use skeletons and graveguard, using a vampire or similar with each unit. He had 5 magic users, and uses them to bolster up dwindling numbers wherever I manage to do damage.
    Last run through, I went pretty much toe to toe with his units, and although Tyrion did some damage, it was slow going. The Phoenix guard were good, but came under fire from his spells and couldn't keep up with the number of models resurrected.

    My other tactic was to take more magical power and to try to lock him down with drain magic.

    Any suggestions?

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    In my Opinion seams like a very powerfull list (thats mainly because its almost the same as my 2000 point list). But i would not take silver helms they are nothing in comparison with dragon princes, take 6 dragon princes and full command thats 230 points. The Dragon princes will get (on the charge in the unit of six and tyrion) 13 strength 5 attacks hitting on 3s against most undead plus rerolls, and then tyron 4 strength 6 attacks, silver helms would do 9 strength 5 attacks hitting on 4s with rerolls, so with dragon princess its 5 attacks more. # :]

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