I am going to be doing a 4000pt battle this weekend with a friend. I have a list but this is the first battle of this size I have played and first time vs dwarves. On top of this I haven't played warhammer in a while, rather playing medieval total war 2 so I have designed my army as I would a medieval one. All advice etc welcome.


Tyrion 400
Teclis 475


Korhil 270
-Lion Chariot

Dragon mage 435
-lvl 2
-healing potion

Mage 180
-lvl 2
-pendant of vengeance
-Silver wand

Seaguard 15 180

Seaguard 15 180

Archers 10 110

Archers 10 110

Dragon princes 10 360
-full command
-gem of courage.

Dragon princes 10 350
-full command

Swordmasters 10 230
-full command
-banner of sorcery

White Lions 10 170
-ring of conan

Bolt throwers (x4) 400

Total = 3850
So what should I do with the extra 150pt and is there anything I need to change?