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    1500p magic survival list.

    We're currently playing at 1500p in my local battle group and there are about 10 of us.
    Everybody relies on a powerfull lvl4 mage to really tie togather their armies and more often than not turn the tide for them.
    Also myown lvl4 kept getting sniped and since I had 360p invested in that one char it usually ment a loss for me then and there.
    So I figured I'd try to make a list that focuses completly on magic survivability. So here goes.



    145p - Mage (Level 1) High Magic, Dispell Scroll, Guardian Phoenix (Spearman unit)

    182p - Noble <BSB> w/ Heavy Armour, Great Weapon, Banner of the World Dragon (White Lions)


    419p - 41x Spearmen (6x7) w/ F/C, Banner of Arcane Protection


    288p - 18x White Lions (6x3) w/ Musician, Standard

    231p - 15x Phoenix Guard (5x3) w/ Musician

    231p - 15x Phoenix Guard (5x3) w/ Musician

    I've playtested this against DE and it worked like a dream.
    It hinges on having high saves or immunity against magic. The procedure is more or less to deliver the lions, considering switching them out for Swordmasters for the added attacks but further testing is required and the 3+ save against shooting is nice, into combat. Whilst the PG are holding up the flanks and spearmen bringing up the rear, also soaking fire because it's quite a killie unit itself.
    The mages roll is to keep putting Shield of Saphery on the spearman unit since the PGs save can't be improved and the WL are immune, it brings the spear unit to a 3++ save against magic.
    It doesn't really come into it's own until 2000p when you can add a sniper mage or a Beast archmage for buffing, also bulk up the PG units to their optimal strength.

    I've been having ALOT of trouble competing in my battlegroup facing off against top tier armies that make balls to the wall-lists. This is the first time it feels like I atleast have a fighting chance.

    What do you think?
    Have you run something close to this at another point bracket?
    Is there a change or addition you'd like to see in this list?
    Or just a comment?

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    Interesting list I say. I'd consider a couple things though:
    first off, your BSB looks fragile to me. Is the Banner of the World Dragon really necessary? If not how about Armour of Caledor and Obsidian Trinket? Adds a lot of survivability to your hero, and decreases the points cost. Then add the Banner of Swiftness to the Lions in order to get them in combat sooner.
    15-man PG units look small to me. How about making a single one, 24-strong, and get a RBT for the spared points?

    Hope it helps,

    EDIT: plus it'd be nice if you found the points for a lvl2

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