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    1000 points getting back in to high elves

    archmage-silver wand 235


    20 spearmen, standard bearer 190
    21 spearmen, standard bearer 199


    14 phoenix guard, standard bearer 222
    5 dragon princes- 150

    total 996

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    (Didnt expect to go on so long when i started.)

    What Lore of magic are you planning to take on your mage?

    With 8th as you have to (should) declare what lore your using in you list it can also help you decide on complimentary units you want in you army. Alot of peopleare taking Shadow at the moment due to the ability to increase you units Strength whislt reducing a number of stats of your opponents troops. Life is also a Lore worth considering which has the benifit of covering your armies week points which is its T. You can increase thier T by 2, give them regen on 5+, ignore miscasts on a 2+ which also increase the effects of other spells you then cast, as well as having some nice offensive spells. Anyway its just somthing to consider.

    I would stick away from High magic for now. i would only realy take high magic on a second mage for the main purpose to have drain magic.

    Taking a lord level mage at 1000pts is both nasty and risk in that your going to miss out a bit on having other heros, and so its going to be an army strongly focused around the mages abilities. As such i am a little surprised you dont have any ranged support to go along with your mage. A unit of archers/seaguard/RBT is going to realy helpyour list,its just finding the points to fit them in.

    Personaly, for 1000pts of elves theres 2 points:
    1) you have alot of infantry
    2) i dont see the dragon princes (as cool as they are) bringing much to your army.

    Right, first thing i would do is look at do you want to keep 2 units of spearmen or a unit of spearmen and unit of PG? I would drop a unit of Spearmen, increase the size or the other unit to about 25, which would leave you points to play with, maybe get yourself a ranged unit, and see if theres a banner you want on those PG or increase the size of the command in both units.

    You deffinatly need a Musician in every unit in 8th. Swift reform is so important that in alot of cases its ore important than a standard. Dont worry too much about champion except in the unit you intend to take your mage so they can step in and except challenges on his behalf.

    2) right your dragon princes. As above you need a musician if your content on taking these guys. but as far as your list goes they seem a bit out on thier own. they work realy well when there is other units around to support them and cause an equal threat, but in thier own you are probably going to find them picked off early or you will be making your way around the flank of an enemy line for 4 turns by which point they struggle to make thier points back.

    If you can make them work though its up to you. i would risk taking some shadow warriors for war machine huntinglooking at what else is in you list over DP otherwise you could find yourself being worn away with no response. RBT used to be realy good at taking out war machine crew but as you now roll against the warmachines T to wound you find you need 6s to wound, thats why shadow warriors (expensive for what they are) are making a show in more lists. An eagle could also be useful to tie up war machines if not kill the crew and allow your units 1-2 turns to advance unmolested.

    Anyway its a fair bit to take on so main points as a recap.

    Choose a lore.
    Get some Musicians asap.
    Possible Ranged unit.
    War Machine Hunter.

    Hope this helps.

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