My last thread went completely out of the way it was supposed to be, since I did not know about the % of units system. After a review of my knowledge of warhammer fantasy, I decided to start over and play with 1000pts lists. Here it goes:

Noble w/Caledor armour, helm of good fortune and great weapon = 143 pts

Core units:
Spearmen x 25 w/ full command = 250 pts

Special units:
SM x 15 w/ full command = 255 pts
PD x 5 w/ full command = 200 pts

Rare units:
RBT = 100 pts
Great Eagle = 50 pts

I am not sure about my great eagle choice... Maybe I could convert it to 3 SM, 1 PD or maybe I could change my speramen to LSGs, maybe adding a banner or two... Please tell me what you think and tell me what to do with this 50 pts!! One of my best friends plays dark elves and I absolutely want to beat him! ( Even though this list is friendly )