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    2000 Point Tournament List

    Lords: Archmage with Level 4 and Book of Hoeth. 360 Points

    Heroes: BSB Noble with Folariaths Robe and shield and heavy armor. 161 Points
    Korhil. 140 points
    Mage with Power Scroll. 135 points

    Core: 20 Archers with Light armor and Champion and Standard Bearer. 265 Points
    35 Spearmen with Full Command. 330 Points
    18 LSG with Shield, and Full Command. 269 Points.

    Special: 17 Sword Masters with Musician and Standard Bearer. 258 Points.
    Tiranoc Chariot. 85 Points

    Total: 2998

    Ok, so first of all, over the next few weeks I'm going to be fine tuning this list. I can't play test this list as I am abroad atm, but I will try nonetheless. The basic idea is to hit a deathstar/ problematic unit first turn with an irresistable dwellers in order to sink it, and then pour more magic/ shooting at it. After that, move up to a position in which I can take advantage of the absence of the deathstar. If I were to up the points on this list, I'd start spamming RBT's just to have a "grand battery" of sorts. I'm tired of my BSB dying in combat so I gave him Folariaths Robe in order to avoid death in CC. I'm also planning to use this list in friendly games, just dropping the Book and Nobles armor and shield for a Vortex Shard as well as a Guardian Phoenix and the Power Scroll for a Sigil of Asuryan.


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