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    High Elf Friendly

    1995 point High Elves army list for friendly games.

    Hi Guys, I've written this army list for general games. Please feel free to civilly tear my list apart and post any thoughts or advice, I'd greatly appreciate it. In addition; please let me know if I've made a mistake with building the list. I am used to 40K not fantasy ^^

    Archmage 350
    Level 4 - Lore of High magic
    The seerstaff of Saphery
    Jewel of the Dusk
    Armour of Protection.

    Mage 170
    Level 2 - Lore of Metal
    Guardian Phoenix
    Silver Wand

    Core: 845

    Lothern Sea Guard 285
    Full Command

    Lothern Sea Guard 275
    Standard Bearer

    Lothern Sea Guard 285
    Full Command

    Special 330

    Sword Masters 330
    Bladelord with Skeinsilver
    Standard Bearer with Banner of Sorcery

    Rare 300

    Repeater Bolt Thrower 300

    The general strategy is as followed: My LSG will be deployed in two ranks for maximised shooting with my AM and M either side of the middle LSG unit. The SM will be deployed behind the middle LSG unit waiting to assist while my RBT's are positioned wherever they can benefit from good line of sight (preferably on a hill behind my forces )
    My AM will use curse of arrow attraction on a specific unit which I will later proceed to shoot all my range units at in the Shooting phase. My AM will then use any spells that best suit the situation e.g. shield of saphery. My Mage will use spells to weaken the enemy such as Plague of rust or Transmutation of lead ( of course this will depend on what spells I rolled). As said, all my LSG and RBT will target the weakened enemy unit and in theory and hope slaughter it ( naturally picking another target if some units haven't shot but the initial target is neutralized). When the enemy start getting a bit close, I will attempt to swift reform my LSG units into 4, 5 man ranks. By this point the enemy should have been very weakened giving me the close combat advantage. At this point my SM will aim to engage either the strongest unit or assist a unit of LSG; while my AM and M pull back to avoid being charged.

    That was a bit long but I hope you enjoyed it. Please leave responses

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    Your archmage is illegal - non-chaos mages may not wear magic armor, and you may only have one arcane item.

    It's supposed to be a friendly list, so I'm not sure how effective you want to be. In case you plan to win many games...

    Lore of life is almost always better on the archmage. (though that's debated, just imho)

    Running mages outside units is suicide.

    Your swordmasters are too small and too expensive. The banner of sorcery is great, but needs to be on a sturdier unit.

    High elf shooting capabilities are, no matter how you look at it, *not very good*. The Shooting on the Lsg is a nice addition to threaten a few harpies here and there, not a basis to build your army on. Rbts are, depending on who you ask, versatile but overpriced or (imho) near useless. For combat effectiveness, you'll want to run the lsg in a horde formation, and get some units capable of dishing out hurt.
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