Today I beat a Grimgor led Orc Horde with this list. Mannaged to roll up a flank with the white lions unit that where boosted by toughness 7( throne of vines, flesh to Stone). Used Sword master units as a sort of detachment units for the large block units but never really got to use them as My opponent gave up during my third turn

Archmage (with phoenix Guard Unit)
Level 3
Lore of Life
Seerstaff ( Flesh to stone, throne of Vines, Regrowth)

Heroes 268
Mage (with Seaguard unit)
Level 2
Silver Wand
Iron Curse Icon (forgot to use)

Noble BSB
Great Weapon

CORE 887
30 Spear elves + Full Command and Lion Standard
30 Spear Elves + Ful Command
19 Lothern Sea guard + Full Command, Shields

18 Phoenix Guards + Full Command, Banner of Sorcery
3 x 10 Sword Masters + Musician
21 White Lions + Full Command, Standard of Balace,
Champion carries the other Tricksters Shard.

RARE 350
Great eagle
3 * Repeater Bolt Thrower