My regular opponent is a magic/shooting heavy Dark Elf-army, and after playing a few games against them I found that my BSB was not doing a good job. These two mages are quite awesome however - the lvl 2 basically takes Shield of Saphery and whatever other spell he gets - preferably Fury of Khaine. Not sure on the Guardian Phoenix on the Archmage, but it should protect him well enough so that he can survive until his next magic phase where he can heal up - for a low price. Main problem with my current list has been that I only had 3 units in it, so now I include a 10-man unit of White Lions to support the sea guard and help me not to get completely outmanouvered. The Archmage goes with the Phoenix Guard, not sure where to put the lvl 2 mage - probably depends on what I face.

Archmage 295 pts
Lvl 4, Lore of Life
Silver Wand
Guardian Phoenix

Mage 185 pts
Level 2, Lore of High Magic
Annulian Crystal
The Gem of Courage

Lothern Sea Guard 26# 378 pts
Full Command
Standard of Discipline

Sword Masters of Hoeth 14#, 210 pts

Phoenix Guard 13# 275 pts
Full Command
Banner of Sorcery

White Lions of Chrace 10# 156 pts

Total Roster Cost: 1499 pts