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Thread: 2000 High Elves

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    2000 High Elves

    Hey guys, this is my first attempt at WHFB. Been playing 40k for a year or so and wanted to get into Fantasy. This is my first list with my HE. I hope to use this list to build the base of my army and expand later. Here is my list:

    2000 Pts - High Elves Roster

    Teclis (1#, XXX pts) (Life)

    Mage (1#, 165 pts) (Shadow)
    Level 2
    The Seerstaff of Saphery
    The Withering
    Okkam's Mindrazor

    Noble (1#, 168 pts)
    Battle Standard Bearer
    Great Weapon
    Armour of Caledor

    Archers (11#, 126 pts)

    Lothern Sea Guard (30#, 415 pts)
    Musician, SB, Banner of Eternal Flame

    Phoenix Guard (18#, 350 pts)
    FC, Banner of Sorcery

    Dragon Princes (5#, 150 pts)

    Repeater Bolt Thrower (XXX pts)

    Great Eagle (1#, XX)

    Total Roster Cost: 1999

    First things first...Teclis. I know many would probably not want to see him, but at my LGS every list I showed them without Teclis came with a reply of "Why aren't you using that awesome guy that does everything for magic." Since they all say that, then they will not mind going up against him. Plus they are seasoned and know how to deal with him anyway. Teclis and the BSB will go with the PG bunker. The L2Mage with the Archers. The seaguard do have shields.

    I would greatly appreciate any comments! Thanks!!!

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    Hi have you thought of useing a archmage instead of teclis that way you will free up some points and then you can add more to your LSG because in 8th edition 30 is just not enough when in close combat high elves can fight in 4 ranks with spears so your LSG really need to be in a unit of 40 in rows of 10 with 4 ranks so I would try and do that if it was me that way at the start of the game you could probley start with the LSG in to ranks of 20 while they shoot and then as your opponent closes in you can reform them to a unit of 4 ranks of 10 ready to get all 40 attacks in when your opponent charges I hope that has helped and keep us informed it would be good to here what you decide to do and how it works out for you.

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    high elves with spears can fight in 5 ranks in a horde due to martial prowess if charged and when you've got ASF most people will think twice.

    getting Okkams on the level 2 is risky, it's a 18+ spell unless you throw a minimum of 4 dice your going to be looking to get IF and with that you run the risk of the mage blowing himself up, if you wanted to stay with shadow you could go with Enfeebling Foe instead of Okkams, with Enfeebling you lower the enemies strength by D3 and then with Teclis you drop Dwellers on them, miscasting with him doesn't matter as much he ignores his first miscast and he has Throne of Vines as a second line of protection.

    Personally I would go with an archmage w/silver wand instead of Teclis.
    Try to get points for a wardsave on your BSB
    I would replace the RBT and the archers just to take more LSG you would get an extra 17 odd LSG if you did.
    D.Princes if you want them take them but personally i'd only use them in 4K games, thats mainly cos I run a heavy S/master list and hate having less than 3 or 4 units of them.

    But it's your list play with it a couple of times if you like it keep it, if not change out the odd character or unit just to see what works best for you

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