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    2k Competitive list vs Beastmen

    Hey guys, I have a battle coming up next week against Beastmen at my local GWS. I have never played against these guys before so any tips/help with my list would be great.

    From what I have seen of his list he has about: 2x20 Gors, 2x20 Ungors, 20x Bestigors, 6x minos, Khazrak the One Eye, Shaman (Wild) and a Ghorgon.

    My main concern is that he will outnumber me, and I will not have enough to take care of that Ghorgon.

    anyway, here we go:

    Archmage/Lore of Life 315
    lvl 4 wizard
    Silver Wand
    Folariath's Robe

    Noble 168
    Great weapon
    Armour of Caeldor
    Guardian Phoenix

    27 Spearmen (7x4) (Mage here) 268
    Full Command

    28 Spearmen (7x4) 277
    Full Command

    20 Phoenix Guard (7x3) (BSB in here) 330
    Full Command

    21 Sword Masters (7x3) 345
    Full Command

    Bolt thrower 100

    Bolt thrower 100

    Bolt thrower 100

    Total: 2003

    (We are allowed up to 5 points over the agreed limit)

    Thanks very much for your help.

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    Vary nice list.
    I've never played against beastmen but i'd say those 3 RBT's single bolts could take down that Ghorgon and if not hopefully the SM's could.
    You could consider taking shadow on your Mage instead of life as being able to lower his Strength and Toughness would prove vary good.
    Other than that this list will work.

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    This should be competitive enough against what you described. While I don't think I would make your AM a Shadow caster, Life is just too good for HE, it may be worth getting a L2 with seer staff, then he can drop the toughness of the gorgon before you shoot it with your RBTs. Don't bother with the strength spell though it is seldom allowed to remain in play for more than one phase better to go with the base spell slow them down in combat, and drop the movement along one flank.

    Your bolt throwers and SM are more than enough to take care of the Gorgon, even the PG will do the job although the BSB may be lucky to walk out of that fight.

    My biggest concern against beastmen would be Hordes of Gors and Bestigors, it doesn't appear that your opponent likes those however. I think I would like the spears to be a single unit of 50, that gives you 3 units that can hold their own alone against any single unit that your enemy throws at you but you will get out flanked easily. On the plus side your 3 bolt throwers can actually make a dent in his units once you feel the threat from the Gorgon is marginalised. I don't know the beast men rules very well but know that Minotaurs are vicous when they get a head of steam up so I would be very tempted to kill a few of them with Bolt Throwers if possible.

    Deploying the bolt throwers is tricky with the ambush rule, you can go with a battery and then put something there to deal with the inevitable ambush (a unit of spears say) or you can spread them along your line knowing that one will die to ambushers but hoping that when they arrive you can redirect a unit to deal with them. Don't know what is best really.

    Good luck hope it goes well, and that I am not too late with this.
    Cheers Allonairre

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