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    New to WFB first 1000 point list, Plz help

    Mage (145)
    • lv 2
    • silverstaff
    Mage (xxx)

    Spears x25 (250 )
    • Full command
    Sword Masters x 12 (180 )
    Dragon Princes x5 (160 )
    • Musician
    RBT (xxx)

    Great Eagle (xxx)

    Total - 985

    So i have a whopping 1 game of WFB under my belt and i really want to put together a decent 1000 point HE list. My basic idea is that my lvl 2 mage will take life while the other takes a lore appropriate to my opponent. other than that the units do the things they do well. im not sure how to use up those last 15 points. I would really appreciate any help or thoughts on what works well at this point level. Also i am new to LO so my apologies if i broke format rules or added my points up wrong.

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    Alright, first off, you are required to choose which Lore your wizards will take when you make the army list. So if you were to walk up to a tournament table and only then decide a Lore, you'd be in big trouble. For this reason, I always try to come up with the best all-comers list I can, rather than attempting to tailor my list to each opponent. That said, you don't have very many bodies. 42 models just isn't a lot, even at this point value. And unfortunately for us, Dragon Princes are hard-pressed to break units in one charge and Sword Masters are very easily shot to pieces (from bows or magic).

    I would recommend that you choose a phase that you would like to dominate and go all-in for that phase, while trying to minimize damage in the others:
    - If you want to dominate magic, then you will basically be forced to take an Archmage. Since you won't be able to make him a level 4, you could either give him Silver Wand for the extra spell (hopefully getting all the spells you want), Jewel of the Dusk for that constant +1 power die, or a Dispel Scroll. That's up to you. I would choose Life, Shadow or High Magic if you go down this path. Then you could take one or two hero-level mages and kit them as you see fit. If you take multiple mages, I recommend trying to find a way to squeeze the Banner of Sorcery in your list, as the extra power dice really helps. Alternatively, you could do what I am doing for my 500-1,000 escalation tournament, and just take a level 1 mage with the Lore of Fire. You'll usually roll 6 or more power dice, so you just take your 6 power dice and hurl a level 3 Fireball at your opponent's most vulnerable unit and hope for Irresistible Force.

    - If you want to dominate Close Combat, then I would choose either White Lions or Sword Masters (both are equally good, it's up to your preference) and roll with as large a unit as possible. I like to give my big combat block the Amulet of Light and the Banner of Eternal Flame to allow them to fight anything. Cavalry, chariots and war beasts will fear your Flaming Attacks, allowing you to even the odds even against heavily-armored knights (unless they cause Fear themselves, of course). And Ethereal units (I'm looking at you, VC) will lose all their efficiency due to your Magical Attacks. You can do what I'm planning on doing for my 1k tournament, and drop a Noble with Armor of Caledor, Guardian Phoenix and GW in the unit to issue challenges and just in general maximize your unit's killing power (or, alternatively, you could roll with zero wizards and make your Noble a BSB with the Banner of the World Dragon, and watch as all your opponent's spells and magic weapons do nothing against your massive combat block).

    - If you want to maximize shooting, then a Wizard with the Seerstaff of Saphery and High Magic (Curse of Arrow Attraction!) will do wonders to help your endless Archers and Repeater Bolt Throwers eat your opponents alive. Now I don't know the best way to maximize shooting, and certainly not at the 1,000 point level! But my guess would be to go the Curse of Arrow Attraction route or take a level 1 Mage with Fireball to just compound wounds. It's up to you.

    Now, it seems to me that you are leaning towards a combat-heavy route. I had some success with my Sword Master block, but I'd definitely take the LO vets' advice into consideration as well. They know their stuff!
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