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    2500 vs Mortal Chaos

    Archmage (GEN)
    Lvl 4, Talisman of Preservation
    Lore of Life

    Noble (BSB)
    Great Weapon, DAoC, Guardian Phoenix

    Silver Wand
    Lore of Life

    30x Spearmen (Archmage & Noble go here)

    34x Spearmen (Mage goes here)
    Standard, Champ, Warbanner

    10x White Lions

    14x Swordmasters

    5x Dragon Princes

    5x Dragon Princes

    5x Dragon Princes

    4x Bolt Throwers

    Tactics: First of all the army I play against consists of 3 Tzeentch Mages on discs, flail armed Marauders, a crap ton of enscrolled weapon armed Knights, and a big unit of tzeentch sword/ shield Warriors.
    I plan on playing very defensive, guard my Bolt Throwers, run a unit or two of Dragon Princes up a flank, hold the center with Spearmen and White Lions, get counter charges with Dragon Princes and Swordmasters. Do I have enough to hold down the Magic for a couple of turns or should I go with a scroll. One option i thought of was Vortex Shard on turn two or three, but that leaves the Archmage really vulnerable. C&C Please!

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    Good luck with your strategy, it seems sound on paper but I think you might find that it doesn't quite play out the way you want it too. Charges are just too long now and avoiding panic, marchblocking etc too easy to get more than 2 turns shooting in, and you need more than 2 turns shooting to be really effective. Even if you manage to keep your entire army out of combat for 6 turns the victory points are only gained by wiping out or fleeing off the table far more difficult to do that simply causing fleeing from panic at the end of the game.

    Stick with your strategy though because you may be able to make it work for you.

    With your shooting strategy in mind I would go with Life on your L4, give him the silverwand for 5 spells. And Shadow with Seerstaff on the L2, choose drop toughness and base spell. The base spell can be used instead of march blocking to drop movement every turn to gain you more time. If you deploy with a refused flank and can force him to funnel into you then its even more effective as often the overlaps cause the entire flanks movement to be slowed.

    This way you can drop the toughness of whatever unit you are going to be shooting at with your bolt Throwers making them considerably more effective.

    The WL and SM numbers need to be reversed if you really want the WL to hold a line at all. 10 wounds at T3 with 5+ save will be wiped out by most charging Chaos Units so not be able to take advantage of stubborn. 15 wounds is slightly less likely though still not unheard of.

    Other than that it is a very thin line that you are playing with every game will be fun and feel like it teeters on a knife edge for you which is always cool.
    Cheers Allonairre

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