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    high elves 1000 points (please reply)


    commander (82)
    -hand weapon
    -dragon armour
    -pure of heart

    mage (120)
    -dispel scroll


    spearmen (206)
    -16 elves
    -full command

    spearmen (195)
    -15 elves
    -full command
    (commander joins this unit)


    shadow warriors (120)
    -8 warriors

    shadow warriors (75)
    -5 warriors


    repeater bolt thrower (200)
    -2 bolt throwers



    (assuming theres a hill)
    (if not the shad warriors move downs the flank and the rbts move up and down the flank to give a clear shot, mage stays put)

    two spearmen units as mainstay, shadow warriors will at the begining of the game be deployed ahead as scouts to harass units from far away with their awesome range and as the enemy marchers forward goes into position shown above and continue to shoot down enemies, repeater bolt throwers will hopefully be the reason of my winning by either going for a small unit and causin panic (which i think the shadow warriors will be doing instead) or reducing forces so that once they reach the spearmen their faced with 3 ranks of spearmen combat will be in favor of them

    actually this works very well since i used to play wood elves, i am beginning to convert them, and it will be more of a sundering theme going on as some of the high elves from the colonies in the old world return to help and in doin so giving character to my army (so many pple jumping on the bandwagon and pissing me off cause ive been playing with them wen wer in small numbers with no army book....... :mad: )

    i have 3 waywatchers and 2 scouts (which im willing to sacrafice for this) which will be split between the two groups of shadow warriors, and a wardance that im goin to convert by replacing the arm that is held higher with the standard bearer arm of a glade rider making it actually realistic as mages have no armor and hand weapon (mage staff), im also converting one of the high elf spearmen i already had to make the commander, so in total ill b spending $146 on it which is imo very little (didnt include tax)

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    if u want magic in 1000 points I suggest given the commander a magic ring (ring of fury springs to mind here). But if you dont then forget about it

    don't take dragon armor as heavy armor does basically the same thing but is cheaper.

    dont give him a spear, its useless on foot. Stick with a hand wep.

    get rid of the 8 man shadow warrior unit as u dont really need it.

    Throw in a silver helm unit in its place (5 men should do)

    not sure if u really need two RBTs but its yur army.

    I'd put the spear men in front of the mage and RBTs.

    try this


    and then put the mage in a unit for extra protection and use the small shadow warrior unit as scouts for march blocking and harashment.
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    I would agree with inquisitor on dropping the 8 strong shadow warrior unit and getting some silver helms (5 with full armour, no command).
    I would also agree with leaving the commander with just a hand weapon and shield, better save!!
    I would give the mage the ring of fury instead of a dispel scroll. 3 dispel dice will be enough in 1000pts

    I hope that helps
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