I am starting a High Elf army and would like to know what others think of this army list. I havent been able to use it yet though b/c its not completed. I played orcs and goblins before

Archmage level 4
On steed w/ barding
Annulian crystal, staff of solidity, ring of fury
Mage level 2
seer, silver wand, talisman of protection
heavy armour and shield

16 spearmen w/ full command

8 silver Helms w/ full command

10 archers

1 tiranoc chariot

20 swordmasters w/ full command
war banner and bladelord w/ amulet of the purifying flame

2 repeater bolt throwers

10 white lions w/ full command and banner of sorcery

Total pts= 1997

The commander will join the white lions. set up will have the silver helms and the chariot on a flank, the spearmen in the center, the swordmasters on their right, and the white lions on the swordmasters rear right flank. The archers and bolt throwers behind the line the archmage in between the spearmen and swordmasters and the mage on a hill w/ the archers.