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    2000 pt friendly list

    Lords and Heroes

    1. Archmage lv. 4 on Great Eagle
    w/ Annulian crystal, staff of solidity, and ring of corin
    400 pts.

    2. Mage lv. 2
    w/ seer and dispel scroll
    180 pts.

    3. Mage lv. 2
    w/ silver wand and ring of fury
    180 pts


    16 spearmen w/ command
    206 pts

    8 silver helms w/ heavy armour, shields, and command
    219 pts

    10 archers
    120 pts

    *either the spearmen or silver helms will have the war banner adding 20 pts to their total


    20 swordmasters w/ command and the banner of sorcery
    340 pts

    1 tiranoc chariot
    85 pts


    2 repeater bolt throwers
    200 pts

    2 great eagles
    50 pts
    *pts for one included in the archmage points so that is why i only have the points cost of 1 great eagle here

    Casting Pool- 10-13 depending on banner of sorcery roll
    dispell dice- 7

    My plan is to have this army dominate the magic phase and deal a lot of damage to the enemy before they get to my lines.
    Please let me know what you think.

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    I would suggest the following changes:

    1) Swap the dispel scroll and silver wand around on the lower level mages. This will allow one to have 3 spells which they can pick. Much more useful.
    2) Give the banner to the Silver helms, due to the lack of ranks
    3) Drop the staff of solidarity and give the archmage the guardian pheonix for protection, he's going to need it.
    4) I would drop the archers and get another chariot and 4 more spearmen to make them a unit of 20.

    I hope this helps
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    Your suggestions all help except for getting rid of the archers. If i did so then i would only have 2 core choices when i have to have 3. I liked the idea of aanother chartiot so i am to play around with my list some more to see what i can come up with.

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