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    Bubbathebrute's 2150 HE list

    Archmage: 335
    lvl 4 mage, pure of heart, book of hoeth

    mage: 180
    lvl 2, ring of corin, jewel of dusk

    mage: 160
    lvl 2, ring of fury

    20 spearmen:250

    20 spearmen:250

    6 silver helms: 188
    shields, HA, command, banner of Ellyrion

    10 archers:126

    20 swordmasters: 355
    command, banner of sorc, amulet of purifying flame

    2 great eagles:100

    2rbt :200

    total pts: 2144

    I am not set of the book of hoeth with the archmage, I thought that I would give it a try. I also don't know what lores of magic to use with my mages. I am thinking that I want to give my archmage something other then the he magic because if he is going to cast with irresistable force a lot, I don't want him stuck with flames of the phoenix so he can't cast because its a remains in play. I am focused on magic and don't want to get over kill with lots of magic, lots of hvy troops, and lots of shooting. I am thinking of taking out a rbt and the archers so I don't have too much shooting too. I don't have a rulebook with me, so what would the power dice, and dispel dice of this army be?

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    Well this is a certainly interesting list. It would generate somewhere between 10-12 power dice and 6 dispel dice, so it certainly has some punch.

    I personally wouldn't use the book of hoeth at this points level. I would give the archmage the following combination:

    Archmage: 350pts
    Annulyian Crystal, Seer, Guardian Pheonix

    This allows you extra dispel dice, the chance of a ward save and the ability of picking his spells.

    As for your other mages I would switch the ring of corin and jewel of dusk for seer and the silver wand. Then I would give them the following lores

    Archmage: Lore of fire
    Seer Lv2 Mage: High Magic (For curse of arrow attraction, fury of khaine and walk between worlds)
    Lv2 mage: Lore of Heavens

    I would also conside putting your archmage on one of your great eagles.

    I hope this helps
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