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    My HE army when it is done.


    I have begun to collect a High Elf army and i was thinking of this list. I already have the core troops but dont have a commander or special section yet so if any of you guys want to add anything be my guests.

    HQ Section: 966pnts.

    High Elf Prince Tyrion
    High Elf Archmage: Vambraces Of Defence, Amulet Of Purifying Flame, Channeler,
    Pure Of Heart, Sword Of Battle, Elf Steed & Ithilmar Barding.

    Core Troops: 1206pnts. (Static)

    15 HE Archers: 1 Champion, 1 Musician, 1 Standard Bearer, Light Armour.
    15 HE Archers: 1 Champion, 1 Musician, 1 Standard Bearer, Light Armour.
    15 Spearmen: 1 Champion, 1 Musician, 1 Standard Bearer.
    15 Spearmen: 1 Champion, 1 Musician, 1 Standard Bearer.
    8 Silver Helms: 1 Champion, 1 Musician, 1 Standard Bearer, Heavy Armour and Shield.
    8 Silver Helms: 1 Champion, 1 Musician, 1 Standard Bearer, Heavy Armour and Shield.

    Special Troops: 568pnts

    7 Dragon Princes: Standard, Musician, Banner Of Sorcery.
    1 Drake Master: Foe Bane

    14 Sword Masters: Standard and Musician.
    1 Blade Lord: Sword of Might.

    Rare: 200pnts (Static)

    2 High Elf Bolt Throwers

    Thats the high elf army list that i have come up with, altogether it comes to 3000pnts spot on. The only problems that i can see is that probably too many points have been put into the command group, and not enough into the rare group. But i think that the inclusion of the dragon princes and Sword Masters reinforces my core troops.

    I had to include an archmage as with out the inclusion of a sorceror i would have no magical capabilities what so ever, even though he does cost the same ammount of points as a fully laden unit of Pheonix Guard. I have toyed with the idea of removing the archmage and including a couple more dragon princes increasing the unit to 10 men and including also a unit of Pheonix Guard with the Lion Standard and a keeper of the flame with a "sword of triking"



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    Firstly this adds up to 2940 if your totals are correct, not 3000.

    Secondly I would make the following modifications:

    1) Drop the archers down to units of 10 (3 of them) and remove the command groups and light armour, saving you 120pts all together
    2) Make the spearmen units upto 20 in size at least. Possibly 24 at this points level.
    3) Drop one unit of silver helms. (You only need the 2 units of ranked up cavalry).
    4) Make the other remaining unit of silver helms 10 strong.
    5) Make the unit of swordmasters at least 20 strong, and drop the sword of might on the leader as your making him weaker doing that.
    6) Change the equipment on the archmage. The sword of battle on a wizard is a waste of points in my opinion, and the pure of heart honour is covered by Tyrion.
    7) Drop Foe bane off of the drakelord and give that unit the standard of balance instead of the banner of sorcery, as you don't have enough magic to require it.

    At the moment this list would get destroyed by a competent player, due to it's small unit sizes and weak magical defence. I suggest a major rethink before more purchases.

    I hope this helps
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