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    2000 Pts for January tourney

    Well...ive had enough of a 40 model army, so i cut back some characters and decided to take a straight forward 'classical' high elf army.

    Lvl 4, Silverwand, Ring of Fury, 3 Scrolls
    Commander, Steed, Barding, Heavy Armor, Shield, Lance, Radiant Gem
    19 Spears wSB
    19 Spears wSB
    10 Archers
    5 SH 2+ save
    5 SH 2+ save
    2 Chariots
    5 Dragon Princes, SB, Champ, Banner of Sorcery, Blessed Tome
    2 RBT
    2 Eagles

    My problem is this: Is it balanced enough to take on 4 mage VC, bretts, slann army, skink army, dwarf gunline, stank, skaven SAD, dark elf monster army???

    Comments and suggestions?

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    Why do you take 19 spears, is it a points-issue?
    Anyways it is a very well-balanced army, however I don't really know what you are to do against a skaven horde army with some nasty warmachines, maybe you should consider taking at least one unit of skirmishers/scouts. What about dumping the archers for some shadow warriors?

    My army looks quite much like this one, except I got less cavalry (just one unit SH), no archers, 15 white lions and another mage. Havn't really tried it torney-like - but it has got some impakt.

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