Ive never played an all cavalry list. And although ive done very well with my high elves i would really like a change in style and all in all a more competitive list. I will consider everyone's advice. Everything is there for a reason....

Prince, Steed, Barding, Heavy Armor, Shield, Lance, Loremaster, Scroll x3
--> He isnt there to win the game single handedly. I want a firm magic defense. I intend to use him as another 'chariot'....ie....he stays on his own and supports the silverhelm blocks where and when its needed.

Commander, Steed, Barding, HEavy Armor, Shield, Lance, Reaver Bow
--> I need soem shooting, whether its for taking out fast cav or sniping mages, i intend to use the bow as a surprise tactic....no one will expect me to fire 3St5 BS6 shots from a knight unit. Besides that he is another support unit for the silverhelms....3 st6 attacks on the charge isnt too bad...

*depending on the situation, those two will go with or beside the main silverhelm units.

Commander, Steed, Barding, BSB, Battle Banner, Heavy Armor
--> best character for a flanking unit. If i sneak this unit into a side of an enemy unit, i could roll up his flank...fast! Once again, suprise element #2

Mage, Lvl2, Seer, Jewel of Dusk.
--> Its all about movement spells. He chooses either beasts or shadows and takes the movment spell and a damage spell based on the enemy. 6PD isnt alot...but there are alot of armies out there with only 4 or 5 DD and a scroll or 2. By turn 4 or 5 (even sooner if i can assassinate some mages) i could sneak through a spell or two. (not to mention the randomness of magic...IF is great, Miscasts arent too bad because i am not relying on magic with this list). I hate to make him a caddie or crystal carrier because i think every high elf list should have some magic. Hes on a chariot, so its another good flanking unit at US5, (suprise element number 3)

9 Silverhelms with SB, Champ + Banner of Ellyrion
9 Silverhelms with SB, Champ
I took 9 and not ten because i couldnt care squat about the rank bonus, those guys are there because I dont want to charge in the enemy with units of 2 or 3. Also, i might get the outnumbering bonus. Finally, They draw the attention of the missile batteries of the enemy, away from the chariots + battle banner and characters (real threat). Banner of Ellyrion is also a neat trick that can win games on its own. (surprise element number 4)

5 silverhelms wC.
Battle Banner Squadron. Nuff Said

6 DP, with SB, Standard of Balance.
I love the standard of balance....its like a lion standard, but for 20 more points you can be immune to panic and negate the enemies stubborn, frenzy, hatred....Slann, Stegadon, Hammerers, Greatswords....stubborn units, the bane of high elf armies. No one will see it coming. (surprise element number 5)

4 Chariots
if im playing a pure frontal charge game these guys can go anywhere to decieve the opponent where im giong to charge with what, when. 18 inche charge means i can charge pretty much anything. I can put 3 chariots into one unit, or combine the chariots with silverhelms. With the mage ive got oen unit strength 5 chariot too : could negate ranks.

1 Eagle
Didnt have enough points for a second one...but after the first few games i will see if i need it or not. If he dies i can always bait with commanders (or prince if i wana make it real difficult for my opponent) or chariots.....its not like i havent done it before.

Basic Frontal deployment:

BSB Unit, chariot. commander, SH unit one, chariot, chariot, SH unit two, prince, chariot, dragon princes.

Am i missing somethin? Yay or nay?