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    2000pts army list

    180pts Level 2 Mage; Ring of Fury; Dispel Scroll
    180pts Level 2 Mage; Ring of Corinth; Jewel of the Dusk

    120pts 10xArchers
    250pts 20xSpear Elves; full command
    250pts 20xSpear Elves; Full Command
    115pts 5xSilver Helms; shield, heavy armor, normal stuff
    115pts 5xSilver Helms; same stuff

    85pts Chariot
    85pts Chariot
    225pts 15xSwordmasters
    90pts 6xShadow Warriors

    100pts 2xEagles
    200pts 2xRepeater Bolt Throwers

    I was wondering if I should have the 6 shadow warriors or add 5 swordmaster to the unit?

    My strategy is simple and normal high elf fans know it swordmasters in middle surrounded by spear elves have the silvers helms and chariots on both flanks mages archers and bolt throwers in the back firing and probably shadow warriors scouted and firing at the enemy as they advance. the eagles are on war machine, mage hunt or bolck charged or flank charge those eagles can do A lOt.

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    if you can find the points anywhere that item that gives +1 ld to units within 6 inch works really well with that tac as not only the swordmasters but the spearmen should benefit as well and since your army is noticably lacking a bsb then it would help you out more then a little bit.

    and i'd keep the shadow warriors anymore swordmasters and you'd struggle to make yur points back + the shooting helps
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