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    2k cavalry list (friendly)

    I haven't played with this list yet, but I thought I'd post it and see what you guys think.

    Prince - Dragon Armour, Lance, Enchanted Shield, Helm of Fortune, Bow of the Seafarer, Dragon - 554pts
    Commander - Barded Steed, Lance, Shield, Dragon Armour, Blessed Tome - 122pts
    Battle Standard Bearer - Barded Steed, Heavy Armour, Battle Banner - 196pts

    5 Silver Helms - Shields, Heavy Armour, Full Command, Banner of Ellyrion - 165pts
    8 Silver Helms - Shields, Heavy Armour, Full Command - 219pts
    9 Silver Helms - Shields, Heavy Armour, Full Command - 242pts (BS

    9 Dragon Princes - Full Command, War Banner - 299pts (Commander)

    2 Great Eagles - 100pts
    2 Great Eagles - 100pts


    The more I think about it the less sure I am that the dragon is a good idea. If I just put the prince on a horse I could have another unit of silver helms for him to join, and add another commander to put in the unit of 8 (making it 7). But then a terror causing monster could be incredibly useful, and the breath causing panic tests could be used to good effect. Not to mention the flying bolt thrower. Hmm.

    For strong magic defense I'd probably swap the prince's magic gear for the loremaster honour, dispel scroll and annulian crystal, make the bsb a normal commander with loremaster, and make the other commander a loremaster as well. Haven't really thought about that, though.

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    Doesn't look bad. Play it but I'll warn you in advance. It will get boring very fast. I mean in a 2000 point game it's not much fun to bring a dragon. I played the dragon when I started off and you are right, the dragon is a good idea. However it's too good of an idea. HE dragons are just broken and way to powerfull. Now in a big point battle like 4000 points or something it's good but at 2000 points I won't bring it because it kills the game.

    I mean it's not gonna guarantee you a win. But if you use it right it will be down right nasty and you will win most of your games. But it's not a matter of winning or not. The problem is that the whole game revolves around the dragon at 2000 points. Yes it's only a little more then 25% of your army and you have so much other stuff but I can guarantee you that the whole game will be about the dragon and nothing else.

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