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Thread: 2222p clubtitel

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    2222p clubtitel

    Hi,im planning to use the following list in a campain against scaven,lizardman,vampire count and chaos!me and some friends started a new club in Belgium and the person who wins the campain is the leader and champion of the club!the sceneri excist out a lot of hills!so here it goes!

    elf prince->blade of leaping gold->pure of heart->loremaster cloak->elf steed with barding
    commander->battle standard->battle banner->barded elf steed
    commander->amuler of purifying flame->sacred incense


    14silver helms->full armor->full command
    15spearelves->full command
    6silver helms->full armor->full command


    17 dragon princes of calidor->full command->war banner


    16 white lions->full command->banner of arcane protection
    2 great eagles

    owké the idea is that the prince and the first commander wil join the group of dragon princes
    and the secon commander would join the spearman!i don't have magic so all the untis has some kind of protection thanx to the magic items the eagles are for blocking march moves!de cavalry protect the flanks and the infantry forms a solid block in the middle with 3 rang fighting and str 6 hitting!

    hopefully somebody reply me a answer and some corrections if its needed!

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    White lions are a risk. If they don't get the charge or they don't break on the charge you are screwed. If the 3rd commander goes with them that will help a little bit. The problem you will have is that they are only T3 with a 6+ AS in CC. And since they strike last usually the whole front rank is dead by the time you get to strike and you'll be lucky if you get 1 or 2 that can strike back. There is a way to counter this. Put the commander in the unit. That will give you 3 attacks that will go in initiative. Hope fully that will get some kills and save some white lions. Another thing you can do is to give the champion in the unit a sword of might. This will replace his great weapon so his attacks will only go at STR 5 instead off 6 but they will go in initiative. So then you have 5 strikes that go in initiative. Personanly I would take swordsmasters over white lions.

    Give the commander with the spearmen the lion guard and make them stubborn. They won't break stuff in combat so I wouldn't wast the battle banner on them. I would take the swordmasters instead of the white lions and then put the commander with the battle banner with them and give the unit the war banner. That will make them break almost everything (as long as you can keep the BSB alive, which isn't easy).

    The knight units are too big. They will have a hard time to manouvre and if your opponent can take them out of the game you don't have much to work with. It's better to split them up between multiple units of 5 or 6. You can then use them to remove ranks with flank charges which is going to be hard for an opponent to prevent with 4 or 5 units of cav armound. Finally the prince kinda sucks. Make him a commander and get a LVL 4 mage. The commander isn't much worse then the prince. Then the LVL 4 mage will provide some magic defense and also a decent magic phase. You should be able to get the points for that by reducing the size of the units of knights.

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