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    high elves 2000pt tornament list

    340: Archmage
    Level 4, Seer, Silver Wand, Ring of Corin, Dispel Scroll

    175: Mage
    Level 2, Seer, Jewel of Dusk

    180: Mage
    Level 2, Seer, Dispel Scroll

    125: Commander
    Pure of Heart, Lionguard, Dragon Armour, Great Weapon

    294: 24 Spearmen
    Champion, Standard Bearer, Musician

    191: 6 Silver Helms
    Champion, Standard Bearer, Musician, War Banner

    120: 12 Archers

    75: 5 Shadow warriors

    175: 10 White Lions
    Champion, Standard Bearer, Musician, Amulet of the Purifying Flame

    300: 3 Repeater Bolt Throwers


    I am thinking of reserecting my High elf army and trying to turn them into a tornament force and this is the possible army list I have come up with. The idea is that the commander sits with the unit of spearmen in the centre with the white lions on their flank ready to counter charge. I chose White lions over Swordmasters because the can move through woods without penalty and they are more resilient to missile fire, and as the commander has the lion cloak they become a special choice. The Silver Helms go up the flank while the bowmen could either be used to protect the Bolt throwers or sit infront of the army as a shooting screen. The shadow warriors are designed to slow the enemy advance to give the bolt throwers maximum shooting time. My main concern with the list is that it is very magic heavy and if by some unfortunate accident a mage or two is killed that is a lot of points down the drain. Making them seers means that i can make sure i get the spells i want from the lore i feel will work best against any opponent I face. I would be most greatful for any feedback and comments on the list.
    Will Adams

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    Too much magic.

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