Hi, i used to play high elves about a year ago and i dont think i ever won a game , however the fluff and repeater bolt throwers are too cool, so here i am again writing an army list.


Mage - Level 2, Barded steed, Seer

Mage - Level 2


19 Spearmen - Standard, Musician

6 Silver helms - Full command

6 Silver helms - Full command


Repeater Bolt thrower

Repeater bolt thrower

Ok the general plan is for the spearmen and silver helms to advance down the centre, with the repeater bolt throwers dealing with any would be flank attacks, the effectiveness of the bolt throwers will be insured by the mounted mage who will accompany the silver helms. I will use the seer talent to pick the spells Curse of arrow attraction, and fury of khaine. The arrow attraction will cast on possible flankers, which the bolt throwers will then (hopefully) nail.

The other mage will hopefully be dishing out some damage, and once the enemy flankers are dealt with the mounted mage will go on the offensive also.

Thats the plan, the question is will it work? Any and all tips greatly appreciated.