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    2000pt Fluff/themed army

    I like the idea of themed armies to add flavor to a Warhammer campain, so I've tried to craft a force for use by the mages of Saphery. They would be used for exploration of new lands, defending sacred shrines, seeking/recovering magical items and other such tasks deemed necessary by the masters of Hoeth in their quest for the preservation and the acquisition of knowledge. Hopefully this list includes troops, items and leaders suited to the task and locale for these guardians of elven culture.

    Wardens of the White Tower

    Prince - Radient Gem of Hoeth, Seer honor, Helm of Fortune, G.Weapon, H. Armor, Shield

    Mage - Lvl 2, Ring of Corin, Channeler

    Mage - Lvl 2, Ring Fury, Channeler, Silver Wand

    20 Swordmasters of Hoeth, Full Command, Banner Sorcery, Amulet of Flame (Prince here)

    18 Spearselves, Full command (mage here)

    18 Spearselves, Full command (mage here)

    5 Silverhelms, H.Armor, Lance, Musician

    2 Tiranoc Chariots

    2 Repeater Bolt Throwers

    2 Giant Eagles

    Total: 1997pts
    PD 7 +1d3
    DD 5

    The prince has a shield for use with the Flaming Sword of Ruin should he successfully cast it, and a Great weapon if he fails or is dispelled. I toyed with the obvious Archmage to lead this force, but I like the Hoeth gem for fluff and utility, and I like the twist of a prince leading the troops of the White Tower. (I also had trouble putting together a robust force with an Archmage. They may be just too expensiver to use in a 2000pt force, but that's another thread.)

    I took channeler on the mages so if I ever, possibly, maybe, perhance, happen to roll Flames of the Phoenix spell I can toss 4 dice at it. (I mean, it is statistically possible to get that spell right? sigh...)

    I like spears in ranks of three so I went with 18 instead of the 20 I see in so many other lists. These soldiers would be volunteers devoted to the magical heritage of their people.

    Each chariot is mated to a spear unit to give it some punch because, while the spears look spiffy in their diciplined 3-rank attacks, they never seem to get many actual kills. The mages compassionately keep a couple of chariots around to a)keep the good citizen soldier spearmen from getting wiped and b) to give the remnants of ruined Tiranoc a job.

    The silverhelms can be fluffily justified as nobles sent to the tower who didn't prove to have any magical talent, or perhaps they are just hanging around flirting with the novices.

    Of course wizards talk with eagles. Wouldn't you?

    The heart of this force, the swordmasters of the tower itself, will be in three ranks of 7. I'd have loved to give these guys a commander with Swordmaster honor, but just can't seem to come up with points for 4 high-elf commanders in a 2000pt army. Hopefully putting the prince with them will make up for the lack.

    Lemme know what you think!

    P.S.: I want to thank Gingerninja, Elfwarden, Sylvester, Stonehambly and others for all the wisdom in their responses in this forum. I have spent many many enjoybable hours reading the army list posts!

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    This looks like a really good list to me. I am also building a 2000 pt list right now and was considering putting a character combonation of prince-mage-mage instead of mine including an archmage. Tell me how it works out for you! :yes:

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