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    High elf 1000 pts revisited (i need help again)

    Hey everyone I got another questiuon for all of you.
    A couple of weeks ago I posted my first 1000 pt list and I got alot of helpful hints and tricks and ZI'd like to thank you for that. But my problem is now deciding what to replace my stuff with in my existing list which is as below.

    Commander 70: + Swordmaster 40, Great Wep 4, Heavy armor 6, Pure of heart 0(He is a work in progress, i cant figure out how i want to field him, I need more help on him than any other thing)
    Mage 95: + Extra Level 35, Channeler 10, Silver wand 10, and I am at a tossup between taking the seer ability or taking ring of Khaine both are thirty pts.

    20 Spears inc Full command: 250
    10 Archers

    15 Swordmasters inc Full command: 225

    Again a tossup i am looking at either 1 RBT or 2 Great eagles

    As you can see it is a pretty slow list and offers no real mobility and is quite slow (relatively speaking) so I was thinking of doing several large changes such as replacing the Commander's swordmaster honor with a halbred and armor of the gods.
    Also Instead of the archers I was originally going to drop them and add a chariot but then I remembered that you need two core units so I scrubbed the i dea for the time and came to the idea of adding silver helms.
    Now since they are at their best (armor wise) 23 ppm. I figured on a larger unit of eight of them but then I realised I don't have the points for that (need 219 have 120 something).

    THough it may not seem like too big of a problem I realise that infantry are really the things that make a diufference in a majority of games and if I drop the swordmasters and archers I could take a charriot and silverhelms. However that would mean that i would be relying on those two units to deal a hell of a lot of damage and frankly i don't think that5 they can take on a large army by themselves. (My dice rolling is abyssmal out of six dice I generally roll a 6, a 5 or 4, a 2, and three 1's!)
    Also even if the cavalry and the charriot survive the main charge and subsequently deal enough dsamage to stay in combat they are generally flank charged. Now I also realize (wow I've said that alot) that I could be very clever in my movement phase and all that to make up for this but then there is also the problem of having too frew troops and too many enemies and especially against a shooting heavy army it could be devestating.

    So my question is how should I go about altering my list to make up for my lack of mobility while still keeping as much of my army as possible (numbers wise)?

    Any and all comments are welcome.
    P.S sorry for the length of this post:cry:

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    Your lack of speed may not be as much of a problem as you think, but lets see if I can help here.

    1) Change to the Armour of the Gods + Halberd/Additional Hand Weapon combo, it will help a lot in the attacks area

    2) I would suggest dropping the channeler honour and taking the ring of fury. This will give you 3 spells rolled and a pretty good bound spell for maximum damage

    3) I would drop one swordmaster if your planning to put the commander in there. It will allow you the new ranks rule of 5 wide.

    4) Drop the archers

    5) Get the 2 Eagles

    6) Get a unit of 6 Silver Helms with full armour and a musician. This should be affordable and quite useful to flank units

    This should allow you to use the eagles to march block, while the mage does a bit of damage to stronger units, softening them up for combination charges between cavalry and the main bulk of the foot troops.

    I hope this helps :ninja:
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