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    Need help with an HE army list (around 700 - 800 pts)

    I'm kind of new to this, I only fought a few battles, got totally wasted everytime :/

    <br><br>I'll be fighting dwarfs most of the time

    <br><br>1 cannon
    <br>20 dwarf warriors
    <br>15 miners
    <br>20 ironbreakers who often has a "Thaine" Think it's spelled that way.
    <br>10 thunders
    <br>Sometimes he use slayers and a second cannon
    <br>+ runes

    <br><br>I'll also fight Lizardmens pretty often

    <br>20 skinks
    <br>30 Saurus warriors
    <br>1 Salamander
    <br>5 Temple Guardians
    <br>1 Hero on a cold blooded

    <br><br>Units i used so far

    <br>16 Archers
    <br>8 Silver Helms
    <br>20 Spearmens or Lothern Seaguard
    <br>25 White Lions
    <br>1 Commander Great Weapon, Elven Steed Ithilmar barding, Dragon Armour, sword of might
    <br>1 Tiranoc Chariot
    <br>I got 2 RPT but havent used them yet

    <br><br>The dwarfs just slaughter me with their cannons and thunders (armour piercing) bleh, then i have to fight his ironbreakers and his miners always lose..
    Help is appreciated! maybe a list and some strategy

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    Hi, welcome to LO

    First off, please post army lists in the army lists section of the website. One of the moderators will move it sooner or later.

    And now, the army (with a deep resounding voice for each unit name):

    CHARACTER: You can't use a great weapon and a sword of might on the same character. magic or mundane weapons not both. Against dwarves dragon armor is worthless. And since your commander should be in a unit, he shouldn't need it against salamanders either. You might consider replacing him with a mage, and/or giving him the reaver bow. Either could have a big impact in a low point game.

    ARCHERS: 10 max, you should probably drop them altogether. they can only kill unarmored T3 things, and that is only skinks against your foes. not enough targets to justify using them. I'd field 1 unit of 10 at 2000 points, not before unless I had better targets.

    SILVER HELMS: Field units of 5-6. Don't field 8 just cause 8 come in a box. I'd get several of these, as a dwarf cannon can only kill 1 at a time, unless you expose your flanks to him.

    SPEARMEN: don't use seaguard, S3 shots don't do much against your foes. Field units of 20.

    CHARIOT: good. concentrate on keeping it outta cannonshot. if you aren't using terrain, do so.

    Elyrian Reavers: You don't have any. I highly recommend getting some, HE need to marchblock, and in <1000 points, you might not have eagles.

    WHITE LIONS: drop em. RBTs or Eagles are better rare choices. RBTs lend you some shooting, eagles can charge cannons or marchblock. White lions are really expensive and fragile, and slow in combat because of the great weapons. Spend the points elsewhere.

    Anti-dwarf Tactics: If you use infantry, field them in 1 big line and march down the field. Then have some cavalry or eagles destroy cannons and stuff. After the cannons are dead, reform into ranks and hit them in combat. Elves are too expensive to die en masse to cannonfire. Make sure to hit the ironbreakers from the front and sides (infantry and cav or 2 cav units) to negate ranks

    Anti-lizards: charge the skinks with knights. isolate his army through marchblocking with eagles and/or reavers. Then concentrate attacks on whatever unit you've isolated. Make the lizard player check his army book, I don't believe you are allowed to field units of 5 temple guard, can't field them without a SLann I think. (Unless you guys are tweaking the army composition rules) Maybe you mean Cold One riders?

    Hope that helps!
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    You're using 20 Lions?! That's nuts in a lowpts game. I play at 2k and don't even use rare infantry. Toss 'em and stick the RBTs in there instead. Grab another individual sprue of Silver Helms and make 2 units of 6. This will let you get maximum frontage on a charge, and have 2units at once. Spearmen are cool, 20 of them is just fine. Putting your general on a horse was a slick move, but NEVER give character's great weapons. They strike last and I guaranty you that that will be his downfall. The chariot is good, grab another if you have the points. Ellyrian's NEED to be used (they pwn). Your use of archers is questionable too, I like mine, but admittedly, they never kill anything. Your RBTs firing multiple rounds is plenty lethal enough (and actually cheaper too). Maybe jumping on an eagle would be good, as it makes Dwarf players SCREAM. Getting behind a dwarf is bad news for the stunties.

    Remember too that you should always use combined charges against these foes. They ahve high leadership and you need to get as many points in combat as you can. Wasting tons of guys and negating the rank bonus is HUGE for this.
    Goodluck, shave some beards!!!
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