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    [2000] high elves (first list)

    EDIT: Some point totals removed to respect GW copyright. Thanks. ~DavidVC04

    Well I’ve played dwarves for 3 years now and amassed a 4000 point army and after reaching this point I’ve decided to declare that army complete (as any more would mean that I have to buy another case for them and no one plays more than 3000 at my local) so searching a complete contrast to my dwarves I’ve decided to make use of the second hand high elf army I got from a friend recently and play high elves. so with no further waffling here is an army I have produced from the models I currently have

    High elf army list. 2000 points

    Lords 330

    Archmage (joins spear elves)
    Lvl 4
    Staff of solidity
    Guardian Phoenix
    330 points

    heroes 332

    Mage (joins sea guard)
    Jewel of the dusk
    145 points

    Mage (joins reavers)
    2X dispel scrolls
    elven steed
    ilthimar barding
    187 points

    Core 662

    High elf spearmen 19
    Full command
    239 points

    Sea guard 14
    Full command

    Silver helms
    Full command
    187 points

    Special 432

    Tiranoc chariots 2

    5 elyrian reavers
    long bows (with spears)
    120 points

    10 sword masters
    blade lord
    142 points

    rare 270

    Great eagles 2

    white lions (12)
    170 points

    the general tactic revolves around using the lions and the sword masters to act as flanking units for the spearmen and sea guard units (sea guard taken as i feel that they are pretty useful for taking shots at targets of opportunity but more because i needed to burn some points.) the cavalry forces work towards attacking enemy flanking forces and supporting the infantry in their charges. the chariots supply some strong charging support and will probably work in tandem to maximise effect. the eagles will war machine hunt and march block parts of the enemy army I feel need slowing down at certain times in the game.

    comments are welcome.

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    Welcome to the enlightened Asur Arklite. Blah blah blah, pretentious anti dwarf statement, and so on. Now to the list.

    First of all, I like the the character creations. Each one is powerful in magic, but not beardy. The only minor alteration I would make is to give the horse mounted mage the ring of fury and a dispel scroll. This will help him do some damage with the reavers.

    Now to core selections. I would drop the Sea Guard. As much as they look useful, they aren't. I would also drop the Silver Helms to a unit of 6 with full armour and a musician. This will help you with flanking. With the points you have saved, invest in another unit of 20 spearmen.

    Apart from that, the rest of the army looks fine for the time being. :ninja:
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    I agree with ninja about the Seaguard. I am fairly new to Highelves myself and have tried to incorparate seaguard without success. One thing however that I feel is vital to highelves are the bolt throwers. For the points 2 bolt throwers are awesome. This is a personal preference but they would be far more effective than 12 white lions. With the power dice you generate and the bound spells you have CoAA would be easy to cast with devestating results. Good luck and welcome to the world of the HE.

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