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    1k point high elves

    Ok, so I hear high elves are getting redone soon, I was pretty happy with the army book when I played so its really not a big deal, though plastic swordmasters would rock!

    Other then that here is a 1k list I started painting when I have some free time, as long as its cold out at least. (Warm weather the car comes first, heh)

    Comander- 137 points
    Dragon Armor, Barded Steed, Helm of Fortune, Sword of Might, Lance, shield.
    Hes a little expesive, but Hell, a 1+ rerollable armor save? Sign me up.
    Debating ditching the sword for a halberd or GW to free up some points, opinions?

    Mage- 135 poinrs
    Level 1, channeler, ring of fury.
    Ok, so 1 guaranteed fury of Khaine, plus whatever other spell I get can be cast on my 3 dice. (Or if nothing useful, drain magic)

    19 spearmen- 239 points
    Mage goes here

    5 Silverhelms- 122
    Mucisian, Commander goes here

    15 swordmasters- 240
    Full command, Bladelord with Amulet of Purifying flame.

    Chariot- 85
    I know they are better in pairs, but if my chariot can charge the front, and the SHs the flank thats probably one broken unit.


    Should come out to 1008 points, I will mess around with the commanders equipment to get the points down to 1000 or below. But the list as a whole, yay or nay?

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    He's coming for you...

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    Looks like a solid army, but i think you will have problems against shooting and magic. 3 dispel dices and no dispels scroll. :s

    I would replace ring of fury with a dispel scroll or maybe two if you play vs a race who use a lot of magic. Drop the dragon armour and replace it with heavy armour.

    I personally love eagles and I would change the chariot to an eagle. I think eagles will help you more than a chariot because if he got a war machine you really need to destroy it quickly.

    Then you got 19p left then you could give a war banner to your swordmaster etc.

    Hope it helps
    Last edited by Starchicken; January 4th, 2007 at 19:39.

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    You can't use a magic weapon and a normal weapon. Only Bretonnians can do that; your commander's lance is useless as he will never be able to use it. I would abandon the SoM entirely, just a lance is perfectly fine for him.

    Your unit of swordmasters is a huge points sink for a game of this size, and I can guarantee opponents will take it out fast. I would cut it down to perhaps 10 or 12, and use the points from this (and the sword) for another chariot or another eagle.

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