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    High Elves - [1000]

    This is my first attempt at a High Elves list. Criticism and opinions are welcome, thanks for your time.


    Mage (Pure of Heart, Channeller)
    Level 2 Wizard, Silver Wand, Ring of Fury

    Core Units:

    Archers x 10

    Spearmen x 18

    Special Units:

    Dragon Princes x 5

    Swordmasters x 12
    Full Command, Banner of Sorcery, Amulet of the Purifying Flame

    Rare Units:

    Repeater Bolt Thrower

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    I think, that you should either drop the archers and take some Silver helms and a mounted commander, or go for heavier magic, make a defensive army.
    In that case you probably should drop the swordmasters and maybe some spearmen(15 of them would be OK) and take at least one mage, possibly some archers (although others might say they`re rubbish, they work perfectly fine for me at least) and have the mage have the see honour and jewel of the dusk. Jewel of the Dusk would replace the Banner of Sorcery well, it is 35 points cheaper and it enables you to drop the swordmasters, whose main purpose in that kind of an army would anyway be just holding the banner. That kind of a list could work well I imagine, but you should also consider adding some shadow warriors and a chariot.
    Of course you could always go for an all cavalry army as well.

    But before you make any changes, or buy any new models, I suggest you try this list out first, although I don`t personally lik it it might work perfectly fine I guess.

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