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Thread: 2000 elvish

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    2000 elvish

    EDIT: Some point totals removed to respect GW copyright. ~DVC04

    Well after my victory over Tzeentch and Khorne (got EXTREAMLLY luky against Khorne.....) Ive decided on this list thus far:: need some advice though

    1 Prince - 259
    -Steed & Barding
    -Dragon Armour, DragonScale Shield
    -Vambraces of Defence
    -Foe Bane

    1 Commander - 182
    -Great Eagle
    -Dragon Armour & Shield
    -Lance, Reaver Bow
    -Talisman of Protection

    1 Mage - 197
    -Barded Steed
    -Dispell Scroll
    -Ring of Fury

    1 Mage - 187
    -Barded Steed
    -Annulian Crystal

    9 Silver Helms - 257
    -Heavy Armour & Shields
    -Banner of Ellyrion
    -Full Command

    5 Silver Helms - 150
    -Heavy Armour & Shield
    -Full Command

    5 Silver Helms - 150
    -Heavy Armour & Shield
    -Full Command

    2 Tironic Chariots

    9 Shadow Warriors - 149

    2 Repeater Bolt Throwers

    2 Great Eagles

    Total - 2001

    So far this army has done fairly well, normally I go for Lore of Fire for the mages for direct damage - though if there is heavy terrain on the board then Lore of Life, if Im against a spellcaster army (Tzeentch etc) the High Elf Lore for the Drain Magics

    Any ideas on how to make this better??

    If Im against Horde armies then the Eagles and Shadow Warriors come out for a unit of Swordmasters (Commander and Prince also change their equip a little bit)

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    262 (x7)

    Well first of all, I love this army. Highly mobile, very powerful and a good set of punches. I would however make a couple of slight modifications.

    1) Change your Prince set up. He can't use the ward save from both the Dragonscale Shield and the Vambraces of Defence. I would equip him like so:

    Prince: 262pts
    Dragon Armour
    Blade of Darting Steel
    Vambraces of Defence
    Barded Elven Steed

    This makes sure he strikes first, hits on a minimum of 3+ (Most of the time 2+) and has a rerollable 2+ armour save and a 4+ ward save

    2) Change the commander to the following

    Commander: 180pts
    Dragon Armour
    Enchanted Shield
    Reaver Bow
    Great Eagle

    This now makes him a really good flank charge

    3) Drop the champions and standards from the 5 stong Sliver Helm units. They, at the moment, represent easy victory points for captured standards

    4) Drop the Shadow walker from the Shadow warriors. There is no need for his presence.

    5) With the extra points turn your one unit of 9 shadow warriors to two units of 7 Shadow warriors. This will put you 7 points above 2000, but you could always drop the musician off of the largest Silver Helm unit. It can't have a higher leadership than 10.

    I hope this helps

    :ninja: out
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    1283 (x8)

    An unusually fast army in my gaming experience. It'd be fun to play against.
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