elf prince- barded steed, dragon armour, shield, lance, null stone

commander- barded steed, dragon armour, shield, lance, pure of heart, lion guard

commander- barded steed, dragon armour, BSB, battle banner

mage- 2 scrolls

10 silver helms- full armour, full command

10 dragon princes- full command, banner of elyrion, amulet of purifying flame

6 ellyrian reavers- musician, bows, spears

10 archers- musician

26 spearmen- full command, lion standard

20 swordmasters- full command, banner of arcane protection, blessed tome

2 RBT's

the prince and lion guard commander join the silver helms. the BSB can join the infantry or the dragon princes depending on the deployment and army of the opponent.
The dragon princes try to go through a wood or something with the silverhelms going through the middle, helped and shielded by the reavers. the archers will deploy on a flank and try to take out some rank bonussus or fast cav. the spearmen and swordmasters advance through the middle to bach up the innitial cavalry charge. RBT's try to take out monsters, flyers, ranks etc.

so what do you think of the list??