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    War machine hunting.

    I've read countless times on here, that Great Eagles are the best tool to use in Warmachine hunting, but I have a problem. I don't have any. Nor can I afford any in the near future.

    So what are the next best options. I've got everything except Great Eagles and Sword Masters. I tried using some Reavers last night, and I think they would have done well had my dice not rebelled.

    The only guy I can play against right now is a Dwarf opponent, so Magic isn't that great an option for me. In the games we've played, I think I've managed to get one or two spells to work.

    My biggest worry is the Goblin Hewer. God that thing is dirty...

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    Scouting Shadow warriors could work. It would depend on the placement on scenery & his deployment though.

    One nifty (& perhaps crazy) little trick.. is to give Lore of Shadow to a Mage & then cast Steed of Shadows on a relatively cheap Hero (and not the general!!!) to catapult him with 20" flying move. He should be more than capable of dealing with the crew.. He may get killed afterwards, but I say it's better to lose a 90pt character than one or two 200+ point units.

    A few Bolt thrower multi shots can be good for getting the crews below half strength, if the dice are friendly on the day. Atleast then they'll miss a few rounds of shooting.

    I wouldnt say magic is bad against Dwarves. Yes, they can get 6 DD (including one of your power dice) for a ridiculously cheap point cost...(spits at Dwarves).. But beyond that they cant get much more. If you take 10+ Power dice & a few bound spells or Banner of Sorcery etc, you should get some spells through.
    You can also take Lore of Metal. The first spell can pick out characters, it is great for taking out RuneSmiths..& thus greatly reducing their armies magic defence, as well as giving back your stolen power dice.
    2D6 hit magic missiles (Fury of Khaine, Wind of Death etc) should get enough hits on the crew to deal with them

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    LO Zealot
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    It's helpful if you always tell how big of point cost you're playing. You can't get great eagles because they cost too much money wise or points or rare slots wise.

    As far as money goes, a friendly gamer should always allow for reasonable substitutions in my opinion. I use warhawks for my great eagles (got them really cheap off ebay $5 each) D&D minis are also really cheap and already painted. But if you are truly strapped for cash, I think reavers would work, but will still have a hard time taking out a dwarf warmachine crew (they are usually stubborn 9 or 10) and are kind of expensive for just leaving them there to grind out a victory against the crew. I've always liked the repeater bolt thrower (one of the most versatile warmachines in the game) but you almost need 2 of them to make it work and kill the crew. Remember that your fast cav can reform when ever they want, and you could use a combination of the two. Kill 1-2 crew with the boltthrower and then charge next turn with your reavers (3 wide) and you've got good chance of rolling the crew and overrunning behind the dwarf line. Magic also works really well. I've never had much of a problem using magic against dwarves. Sure you don't get as many spells off, but in a regular game (2250pts) you should be able to get necessary spells off and shut down his shooting phase a bit. Rune smith hunting also works. He wont stand up to silver helms or dragon princes very well and even if you flee, you ought to get away 3d6 vs 2d6-1 works in your favor most of the time.

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    Son of LO
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    fireballs and the like work well against war machines I've found. But then I run a Slann and can take a dice from the pool and cast it on 2D6 + 1. Quite a nice start to the magic phase (does he want to let it go off?). War machine crew have light armour at best and the strength of these magic missiles negates that.

    For example I played against a HE army a couple of weeks ago and my first spell was to absent mindedly toss a fireball at a RBT. I had more potent spells to come so there was no attempt to dispel. Resolved the spell and the fireball killed all the crew! ^_^


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    meh- Ellyrians are good for machine hunting, if you just give them spears and say to hell with the bows. I use Warhawks for Eagles too.
    There's really no substitute, you need those eagles for alot of reasons. But in a pinch, Lore of Stone works wonders. His gunners wear armor, so the Shadow Warriors might not be a good idea. [stupid S3 longbows...]
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