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    new he character

    yesterday i started thinking
    you hear so much about belannear in the army book
    but who is he really? i know hes the commander of hoeth and guardian of the white tower
    then i thought he would be really cool in the game
    you know a skilled fighter under the influence of living in saphery, sorounded by magic and potent mages

    so i decided to come up with him myself
    i dont know if he has been a special charater in the other editions, so dont break my neck and accuse me for stealing ideas

    i just want to know what you guys out there think of him
    is he overpowered? does he have special rules wich doesnt fit a lord of hoeth? have i forgotten something essential about him?

    i havent written any points cost or how many slots he will fill cause i really have no idea

    M5 WS7 BS6 S4 T3 W3 I7 A4 LD10
    Belannear carries the Sword of Hoeth and wears the Enchanted Armour of the White Tower

    Magic Items:
    Sword of Hoeth
    All hits wound automatically. Armour saves are modified by the strength of the bearer (Still counts as a great weapon)

    Enchanted Armour of the WhiteTower
    forged in vauls anvil, this armour wont break easily
    Gives Belannear armour save of 4+ which is not modified by the strength of his enemies and does not prevent the bearer from casting spells

    Ring of Hoeth
    gifted to him by the high loremaster himself to protect him against evil magic in the time of need
    Belannear and the unit he is in has magic resistance (2). Also gives Belannear one extra power dice in his magic phase

    Special Rules
    Loremasters Teaching
    for millennia, belannear has lived in the enchanted land of saphery, and has learnt from the loremasters themselves how to control the winds of magic
    Belannear counts as a lvl. 1 wizard and knows these spells from High Magic: Drain Magic, Walk Between Worlds and Fortune is Fickle

    belanneat is one of the most skilled warriors of ulthuan, and has long practiced in using the special swords of the swordmasres
    Belannear may use a great weapon as deftly as a usual sword. In addition he has the Killing Blow special rule

    Intrigue at Court
    all high elves is inspired by belannear and when he is in sight, there is no argue in who to lead them
    Unless Tyrion also is in the army, Belannear is always the general

    Lord of Hoeth
    belannear is the guardian of the white tower and the special troops assigned to hoeth always follow him
    Swordmasters of Hoeth is no longer a 0-1 choice if Belannear is in the army. Also any swordmaster unit Belannear joins is Unbreakable

    Loremasters Blessing
    belannear was blessed by the loremasters of ulthan a long time ago to prevent damage upon him
    Belannear has 5+ ward save

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    they kind of did the same thing with Eltharion from 4-5th edition to 6th I believe. He became the swordmaster and even had some of the same abilities as seen in your list. He also had different fighting styles like the wardancers (although I think his rules came out before the wardancers) The problem I see, is that your character would need to be around 500+ points. He falls into the catagory of the other "named" characters in the back of the book, where he (imo) is just there for fluff and not for game play. He's too good, he has 1-2 of everything and is nearly impossible to kill. For gaming sake, I prefer a prince tooled out with the regular weapons. The other problem I see, is that GW needs to keep their fluff straight, or come up with some new names. I've seen 2 incarnations of Eltharion, an I'm sure the Belennear isn't new. I wish they would keep them straight in their heads.

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    I think Belannear was a special character in previous editions. If I remember rightly he was a great swordmaster who then decided to stop studying the sword and to study magic instead, and became a mage. So he was a reasonable caster but also a pretty decent fighter, a bit like the rumours of a "warrior mage" character type that we've seen might be in the new army book. I don't think Belannear is making a comeback as a special character though, since they're already adding 3 new characters (Alith Anar, Caradryan and Korhil).
    Thou shalt remember:
    Warhammer Fantasy armies do NOT have Codices. They have Army Books.

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