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    I know you get this alot... but

    Well the thing is I just can't stand the current army I am playing (Tomb Kings) . Regardless of how well I do with them I can't bring myself to enjoy them. I find them way too indirect having come from Beastmen. The army itself has a snooze fest of story and incredibly unstimulating to paint. And play wise they just kinda seem way to indirect for my style of play (first close combats really taking place on turns 4+ if that excluding carrion charges) I was thinking of starting up high elves and selling my tomb kings but I don't want to get involved in an army I'm not going to like. High elves seemed like an army that requires a good amount of though to play and don't seem too much like the pansies the wood elves are. If anything at all I'm looking to see if someone more experienced can ward me off of this army before I start it or give me a general discription of how the army plays as my store has only one high elf player and he shows up very rarely (but wrecks face when he does) well anyway thanks for any help in advance.

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    Well, you mentioned one of your hangups with Tomb Kings is boring to paint. I suggest that if you haven't. go to the online store and look at some of the models and try to think of how you might paint them, and whether you would enjoy it.

    Overall, HE do require a lot of tactics to use well. But then, so do Tomb Kings. We have fragile infantry that can hit really hard in combat, we are a pretty fast army and can be tooled for combat, or equally well HE can be used defensively depending on how you like to play.

    With the new army book coming out next month though, there may be some changes to core tactics for most players. For a start, the common all cavalry army probably won't be viable now since GW have moved silver helms to special.
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