I will do a classic Lord Brrrp Tactica over the holidays but here are some quick thoughts:

1. Ever notice that with SOA war machine crews of repeaters are now viable in holding their position against many of the lighter units which harry machines?

2. High Elf fast cavalry can take chances other units dare not. Generally, if a fast calvary unit committed to a charge it did not have range for, it would be mince pie (holiday pun).

3. The enemy has to dedicate far more resources to high elf skirmishers, scouts and light/quick units. Generally, their chief weakness is if they don't complete the mission in the charge, they are slaughtered being low armor/toughness prior to attacking the second round.

4. Archers need not flee. They stand and shoot and then attack. Typical fast moving units relegated to stopping missle fire have trouble getting attacked twice before doing damage.

5. Any unit that had a borderline charge and needs a next round combat boost not only benefits from SOA but also the very powerful base spell giving a 5+ ward save. There is some survivorability. You start with a 5+ armor save and then add a 5+ ward save for most troops. What it effectively does is neutralize low strength and again fast moving units from harrassing your infantry.

Well just a couple thoughts for now. More detail later!!!!