I am setting up an all cavalry army: 24 silver helms, 5 dragon princes, 4 chariots and 5 Reavers, also Tyrion and maybe 2 eagles.

I am wondering whether to build my silver helms into 3x8 or 4x6 - how much does the rank bonus really come into play and since they are cavalry wouldn't it make sense to flee, rally and recharge after each charge so as to get the +2 lance bonus? I plan on making all the Silver helms heavy with 2+ save, the dragon princes will have tyrion in the center and a magic banner. The chariots will have all the goodies and the reavers will carry bows.

My opponents will be mostly Dwarves and Dark Elves (witch elves w cauldron, dark riders, maybe hydra etc)

Dwarf player has some cannons which makes ranks seem risky - if I went with 4x6 there would be no second rank for the artillery to penetrate but it would have less prowess in hand to hand?

My current plan is 4x6, 1x5 +tyrion and 1x5 w musician.

Should I give all the 4x6 SH regiments full comand or just a champion for the extra attack that is cheaper than a whole new SH?

Also this army should be around 2000pts no?