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    Eltharion the Swordmaster

    Hello guys.

    I really like the fluff and the model of the old eltharion WAY better than the current so I have decided to ask my common playmates if I may use him in friendly battles. But I have a problem:

    As some of his rules no longer take place but he would have the ASF in addition, what would he cost in the current version of the army book?

    Here's the old rules: GW Online : Warhammer : High Elves : High Elves Special Characters - Alarielle

    I know it says Alarielle but it's not!


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    His points cost- unfortunately, stays the same. He is a broken character. The typical way to handle such a situation is to just let it ride as it is, until there is an update. I'm not begging for a points-change in my WE Dryads just because the rules for Skirmishers has changed and made them hair less effective.

    The problem is, there's no formula to points cost for GW games. Their points system remains loose, and (in a well tested army in a perfect world) is intended to represesnt the model's value in a well balanced army. The old Eltharion points are skewed.
    If you want to try to rebalance the points, you'll need to keep taking shots at it with your pals until you get his points to a generally accepted value. If you think he's too powerful, up the points, if he's too weak, lower the points. If he's performing just fine, then he's dialed in and it won't get much better.
    Pts Values for AoS here!

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