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View Poll Results: is this a good army against 1000 points of very heavy dwarf shooting

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  • good army

    1 25.00%
  • bad army

    3 75.00%
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    Awsome armylist against dwarfs

    I used this army against a shooting heavy dwarf army( ok all dwarf armys are shooting heavy) and destroyed him

    general dragon mage ring of fury( I know not a good choice of general but since he will be in the thick of it his leadership will help)

    mage level 2 ring of corin seer staff lore of life( I gave him rain lord -2 to shooting and gift of life because your opponent hates it when your dragon is back to 5 wounds after spending so long getting him down to one w)

    21 spearmen

    13 white lions (that strength is great against high armour saves and a 4+ save for shooting is great too

    bolt thrower
    total 1000 points

    I know not very much units but your dragon should destroy his artillary you spear men will give so much attacks that he cant attack back the white lions will easily get their points back but due to their numbers they should be helped by the bolt thrower the seerstaff is thier to make sure you get rain lord the ring of corin because thier dragon slayer had a rune that causes d6 wounds enough to kill a dragon and the ring of fury because it is such a bargin

    What do you think good army or bad

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    I voted bad for a few reasons:

    1. Army is illegal: You only have 1 Core choice, unless the 21 spearmen are split into units of 10 and 11. Which is a bad idea. So either way you get a "bad" vote.

    2. Army is illegal: You cannot give the mage both the Seerstaff AND the Ring of Corin as they are Arcane items

    3. Army is illegal: Costs 1068 points by my reckoning and thats assuming your General is kept at Level 1

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    When I pm'd you asking you to put close dates on your polls you knew full well what I meant.

    Setting it to close in 2022 is blatantly taking the piss, come back when you can act like an adult.

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