Teclis (Mmmm )
its not even worth taking an arch mage in my oppinion unless u want to spend less points that is. i mean, book of hoeth, banner of sorcery, immune to miscast once a turn, a magic sword, and a dspel scroll in one character. call the balancing police

Noble battle standard,
great weapon
heavy armour,

level 2,
staff of sorcery ( +2 to all dispel attempts good bye undead)

15 lothren sea guard
full command

10 archers

1 lion chariot ( not sure if i want this to be a tiranoc for that b-e-a-utiful 18" charge)

10 white lions/swordmasters ( lion standard)

15 phoenix guard
full command
banner of sorcery ( look after that baby)

3 repeater bolt throwers

no cavalry... im not a big fan, dont get me wrong if they still had ithilmar barding i would consider it, but that said and done,

i can see the flaws in this army list, e.g. lack of movment, potentially geting blasted before i get to the battle line, but the phoenix guard are perfect for weathering cannon fire, and with a battle standard and teclis near by most of this army will have a re-rollable ld10, and i like to make my army stubborn with magc quite alot.

tell me what u think, i personally think it could punish most forces it is designed to be multi-purpous obviously for the tourny, but i wish i could throw in another noble might do that if i drop a few points here and there.