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    my battle today 2v2 - rate it please

    So I played today in a 2v2 1k per person battle, and this was the list I used and the turn out of it. It was also my partner (dwarf) vs Dark elfs and goblins
    General- Noble on steed,ring of fury,grt wep,shield,dragon armor (quick question does this give him a total of 3+armor save or 4+?)
    mage lvl 2 - +1 pwr dice item
    5 x dragon princes (shield and champion) -> I put noble with these
    10 x sword masters (champion)
    5 x shadow warriors (champion)
    Lion chariot
    10x archers(stand bearer and hawkeye) ->1x10 for max shots

    It came out to be 1005, friends didnt care about 5 pts.

    Basically his chariot charged mine I killed his got surrounded and then killed half, but they outnumbered and kill more of my swordmasters,I fleed they over ran. But ran into terrain and killed three of his trolls. then his cold ones chased after my mage and over ran him but that put them in range for my archers, so in turn I killed all of his cold ones, and then the DE only had 2 reapers a assassin and 3 shades left and then I killed the shades friend killed assassin and then I killed both reapers. In turn we won, lucky from my archers killing his general and half of his last squad. He kept fleeing, 2 ldrship and I pegged them off winning with only 103 pts left on my own and my partner had 400 so we got a marginal victory. So next 1k game im thinking of either dropping the chariot and pickling up 5 more princes and another noble not my mage for more melee, please help me. Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by specto View Post
    General- Noble on steed,ring of fury,grt wep,shield,dragon armor (quick question does this give him a total of 3+armor save or 4+?)
    The steed + dragon armour gives him a 4+ save. When he's using the shield he gets a 3+, so he has a 3+ when not in combat. I assume in combat you want to use the great weapon, so he has a 4+ then. I there any reason you didn't give his steed barding? He'd have still had the same M as his unit (instead of having 1 more that the unit if he didn't have barding), but would have also had a better save.
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    Well friend, to be honest, it's very difficutlt to follow your post. I would put your actual battle report in a more detailed thread in the Battle-Report section, with a link to your list here in the HE army list section.
    I think you had a few compounding problems for this battle. The first was your list- things I can see possibly changing are:

    --taking out the Lion Chariot (typically found to be over priced and underpowered)

    --dropping your command on the Archers (archers aren't fighters, there's no need for CR)

    -- choosing either all cavalry, or all infantry. At 1K, you split your army apart too much. Your archers aren't good enough fighters to support the SMs, and you seem to have moved your DPs away from their role as flankers. With infantry, swap the archers to a unit of spears and have the SM flank, or go cavalry, keep your archers, and swap the SMs for more DPs.

    --The Dragon Armor on your general is usually not worth it. 3 points more for something that only helps IF they have fire.

    As for tactics, remember- you have an ally, use him. If you knew you were paired with a dwarf player, you should have tried to talk with him and build your lists around eachother. I play lots of team games and often find that new players tend to split up the deployment zone with "your army here, my army here". Mix the deployment zone. Use your fast elves as flankers for his rock-hard dwarves. Use his shooting in place of your own weak archers, and use your more elite troops to cover his weak points. A well meshed army will function much better.
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