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Thread: My New Army

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    My New Army

    Well to start off i just spent $300 dollars buying a high elves army and i want your opinions about it for $300 AuS i got

    52 spearmen 49 archers (these are the old models) i got tyrion and teclis and elftharion without his gryphon (ill have to find something for him to ride) 5 reavers 25 silver helms and another 12 calvary which i have yet to find use for but they are making good mounts for 2 archmages that i recived also and a mage on foot , 9 shadow warriors , 15 sword masters 31 white lions + korhil (the old model) a high elf lord with great weapon 3 1/2 bolt throwers and by half i mean i got the top half but no legs and these are also the old models for them and they came with a crew and i also got some random guys i have yet to find a place for

    anyway mix that with my already bought plastic mage and archmage and the army book for high elves i havent played a game yet / know haldly any of the rules so im going to buy a big rulebook soon and maybe a case for them but what i want to know is what should i go and buy for the army after this its a toss up between the dragon in all its gloryness or maybe some pheonix guard or maybe a charriot

    well if you read this please help me with my problem and tell me if the guys i got was worth it i know it probably was cost wise but yeah

    Skulls For The Skull Throne !

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    you will not need anymore core choices now mabye you should look into getting a dragon oh yeah eltharion can only ride his griffon storm wing or he can go on foot recommend this because eltharion is only worth his points if he is on foot instead of paying for the griffon some dragon princes would be nice

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