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    How to take a magic offense army??

    Hey HE players.
    I have a general plan for my army atm but im still stuck on characters, I play 2250 points. I want to try and go magic offensive with the characters. Used to play dwarfs so am no pro on magic in anyway.

    Ill start on the lores that i was thinking-
    Fire- it has the most offensive spells, like fiery blast and burning skull but i also like wall of fire for use on gunline troops that are deployed in a single rank.
    Mental- Great spells against high armour troops, and some other wicked tricks.

    Any others that i should consider

    What characters to take??
    Last night in a game where i used some mates models i used a-
    archmage- moon dragon, lv 4 guardian phoenix, seerstaff of saphery. 615
    and some other shiter mage.

    But i really don't know what i should do. Should i have 4 mages on foot in units casting it up or a dragon flying around.

    I just thought about Ld is lower overall with a mage as a genral. BSB??

    Thanks for any help

    "As long as there is man, there will be war" Albert Einstein

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    Think you mean Metal there....

    I would take High as my first lore in most cases, and then metal against Chaos Bretonnans etc, Light against undead and demons, and Life against war-machine or tactical shooting heavy armies (got to love Rainlord or howler wind). Against horde armies, Heavens (I SOO much prefer the name Celestial) is great, as is Fire, and Fire is also great against armies strong on regeneration, though Metal and High both have flaming attacks as well.

    I wouldn't normally recommend putting a premium spellcaster like an archmage on a Dragon, unless he's a Dragon mage or prince with the Talisman of Hoeth. A Dragon is best protected from enemy shooting whilst in combat, a mage is best protected as far away from combat as possible, so the model isn't playing to the strengths of both...

    However, I wouldn't pu my general on a Dragon either, I want him to bolster the line, and give various nice effects to my units with LD 10 (in the case of a Prince) rather than galavanting away left right and centre hitting things that very much may kill him.

    If you are playing 3000+ pts, or KNOW that the enemy has no way of taking your hero on Dragon out (or has a ridiculously low LD value like gobbos), then take it, in smaller batteles maybe use a Dragon Mage on a Sun Dragon with gem of sunfire and a few safeties such as sacred incense, or guardian Phoenix. Putting 600+ points into a model which sin't best at what it does either way is just plain wrong...

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    ~You said that your archmage had a seerstaff at lvl 4, which is good, but considering that you could get a silver wand for 20 points less your chances are as follows:

    -Seerstaff: Know 4 spells for sure.
    -Silver Wand: Know 5 out of six random spells, most likely getting the ones your after, and also 20 points less.

    ~I usually run my archmage with a silver wand, folariath's robes, guardian phoenix, and either a powerstone or dispel scroll.

    ~I agree with kithre, mages+dragon= one horrified-ass elf going to get shot down/ easy pickings.

    ~Don't underestimate our level 2 wizard heros. You can outfit him in several ways:
    -Dispel Scrolls/ Powerstone (x2) and silver wand. Very defensive or very offensive.
    -Seerstaff and powerstone, to get off that spell that you chose.
    -Trickster's Pendent, dispel scroll. Defensive and mean to dark elves.

    These are just a few ways that i run my mages.

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    I am chiming in, those I have little experience in this topic :}

    What about a Noble/BSB carrying the Banner of Sorcery?

    I am already getting the feeling that someone will say its "worthless".

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    ALright, when I want to go Magic heavy, this is what I do:

    L2 Dragon Mage w/ Silver Wand, ring of fury
    L2 Mage w/ Starwood Staff
    L2 Mage w/ SeerStaff
    Elite Infantry w/ Banner of Sorcery

    Here is why you take these things:

    The LS mages are straightforward, +1 to Cast, and chosen spells. The L2 DMage is a little more obscure. Using his 'Reckless' skill gives him an extra dice every time he casts. Lore of fire has low-value spells, so it's not hard to cast 3 spells using only 1 power dice plus reckless. Considering that he knows 3 spells, he could essentially generate 3 extra dice for himself. Plus, the Ring of Fury is there to pad the casting phase, by giving you a PL3 spell that takes atleast 1 DD to get rid of.
    The banner of sorcery is NOT a waste. Any time you want to go magically offensive, you need that banner. I wouldn't stick him on a bsb though, since that uses up a character and a L2 mage will generate just as many dice on average.

    Altogether this list will generate 8+(1to3)+(D3)+1bound
    that's about 15total. Pretty strong for anyone.

    An alternative would be to add in Teclis instead of one of your mages. This could be cheesy though, but he's quite powerful. Ditto to dropping in a L4 mage with the Book of Hoeth.
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