Special rules:

Speed of Asuryan (or soemthing) all elves except chariot steeds and dragons attack first, even when charged.

Valour of ages , high evles may re-roll all failed psychology tests against dark evles


Archers, a great idea to bring a unit or two of 10 of these along in any size battle, with bs 4 they provide good support fire and are only 10 or 11 points each.


Great in units of 21, you can have 5 ranks of 4 or 3 ranks of 7, allowing them all to attack (they attack in 3 ranks) but loosing a rank advantage.

Lothern sea guard:

Technically a expensive archer with a spear and shield, they should be in units of 16 or something as they are pretty expensive to field a large amount and fill up core choices. A good idea for a missile heavy unit a they can battle well in combat also



with 2 strength 5 attacks each they rock!! Shame they can't have shields and only wear heavy armor. Good to have in rows of seven with a character bsb (have bsb with halberd converted onto banner like mine) and have 16 strength 5 attacks. In 2000 point game a squad of 15 or around is a good idea (though have in 5 wide if this is the case).

Phoenix guard:

Causing fear and 4+ ward save and halberds and heavy armor, they are the stay unit in the army, though they will, as all units, need to have some support or they will be overwhelmed in numbers. Charge them against the same size or smaller unit to make them break in combat automatically.

Silver helms:

The typical cavalry unit, with exception all high elf horses are faster than the opposition. 2+ save they re great for holding flanks with chariots as supprot, be careful to get the charge, otherwise t3 and s3 they will be killed.

Shadow warriors:

Agaist horde or missile heavy armies bring them along, they can be useful as kimishers to stop marchers or take out warmachines, don't bother giving them a shadow walker as they are not meant to charge and die (unless taknig away opponents rank bonus).

Ellyrian Reavers:

Moving 18 inches when marching and fast cavalry they are great for pissing off the opponent and flank charging. Bows are a gret idea and why not bring along spears for flank charging.

white lions:

stregnth 6 great weapon attacks they hit very hard. They have a great save vs hooting but otherwise have heavy armour, which most infantry of high elves have. units of 20 or they will be outmanouvered in a pileing combat.

DRAGON PRICES: (now showing with capitol letters)

Save 2+, 2 attacks each-they are one of the best heavy cavalry unit. Though they are expensize you should have the banner of arcane protection or they will absorb magic like skaven to warpstone. Great unit to have your commander if he's on a horse in. Once again get the charge or killed.


Lion chariot:

Bring it as a supporting charge unit, causing fear it's great to combine charges and bring enemy under your unit strnegth and watch them get run over by lions! They look great too and have strngth 6 men on the back. Lions with 2 st5 attacks each will help destroy the enemy.

Other one:

Give the men bows and ride around supporting charges with cavalry or getting into your flanks as protection from enemy fast cavalry.

(hopefully I didn't miss any from special)


Repeater bolt throwers:

They are reliable and able of felling giants with s6 d3 wounds or against rank strength 6-1 for each rank, 2 for one choice is good, so bring 2 or at least one. They can opt to fire 6 bolts at strength 4 and -2 to save,

Great eagles:

Great for baiting the enemy's strong units out for a mass attack on it, brsting throguh the unit and into it's weaker support units, also great for taking out war machines and the like.

Hope you found this short bit on each unit helpful as I missed the simpsons typing it grrrr