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    New to WFB help wanted

    I have been an avid 40k player for the past 3 years. Lately all the players in my gaming group have started playing Fantasy, so I figuered I should as well. I have not read the WFB rulebook, but I have played a couple games against my buddies using their armies, so I know the basic rules. I will be picking up the main rulebook soon. My group tends to be pretty competetive so I want to be a competetive player as well.

    I have decided to start a High Elves army due to the beautiful models. I do own the army book and I have read through it. The thing is, when I read a unit stats and special rules I have no idea how useful anything is. So I went through some of the posts here and in the army lists section. This is what I gathered:

    - Unlike 40k, spending hundreds of points on a Hero/Lord to make it extremely powerful is a good thing.
    - Dragon Princes of Caledor are really good.
    - For Core units, a mix of archers and spearmen is the most competetive way to go.
    - All magic-capable units should be upgraded to level 2.

    Are these correct? Or am I way off in left field?

    I think I want a force based around dragons because of the models. They also seem the most competetive. So I think that means a Prince on Star Dragon with lots of Dragon Princes. Would that be powerful? Can someone give me a rough idea of what a list like that would look like at 2000 points?

    Thanks in advance.


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    -Characters can be worth upgrading, but you must have a use for them in mind. Upgrading for the sake of it is not worth it. And about the only time a prince is useful at all is when he is on a dragon, because for his points and how easily he dies he just isn't worth it compared to the cheaper noble.

    -Yep, dragon princes are great. Don't take silver helms.

    -Our core is pretty weak actually, most people just take the minimum two choices to get maximum points for the special and rare slots. Spearmen are pretty good, archers are ok but a bit overpriced, and very few people find a use for seaguard.

    -Depends on what you want them to do. If you don't want a magic army, and are just buying a mage to give him a couple of dispel scrolls (always take some) then there is no point making him level 2 since he isn't going to be casting much anyway. If you want some decent magic in your army, then yes upgrade them, and upgrade archmages from level 3 to 4.

    A dragon and dragon princes will give you an army that is very low on models, but will hit really hard. Against opponents with a few warmachines, you will probably find half your army dead quickly. Against most armies, they will struggle to break down your tough and hard hitting units. Don't forget a couple of eagles for marchblocking and warmachine hunting.

    Good luck with it and welcome to WHFB!
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